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Jack of all trades, master of none. I've got too many ideas and not enough time, so expect few updates on a bunch of stories.


I had a good life as Jerrik Handel. I lived in London, worked at the Globe Theater as a stagehand. Sure, I haven't had any form of intimate contact since I was ten, but I grew to thrive in my solitude. At least nobody could tell me to take the shrines to the Æsir out of my flat, or to stop watching cartoons for little girls.

So when I get an offer from these very Æsir to become a champion for Bragi, why did I say yes? To leave behind my job and previous life and any hope for rekindling lost feelings...

I blame Loki.

So now, here I am in Equestria, transformed into a giant Lyrebird-like raptor named Utfor because Bragi got lazy with his boon, trying to prevent the silencing of Equestria's magic. At least I can carry a tune now.

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the gods demand more.:ajbemused:

Mmmmmmoar? Moar? Moar?


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