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Pvt blu

Im just i changeling wearing armor that is COMPLETELY crazy at times and is a TF2 lover


A small group of changelings take over Canterlot using randomness but for a good cause

rated Teen for violence, but don't worry nopony dies in this fic

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The title and description make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Could you invest in an editor before I even begin reading this story you presented before us all?

5213511 Your loss if you don't read it.

5213597 Before we carry on with our oh-so-pleasant discussion, may I ask you this: how many fanfictions did you read on this site alone? Give me a rough estimate if you must. :trollestia:

Mirror pushed him to the side "let me handle this. IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR " the captain and the lieutenant eyes (if they had pupils) widened in terror at the racket while Mirror shot a blue energy beam from his mouth.

>the year 2010+4
>using outdated memes unironically

5213617 Hmmm close to a 1,000 probably more why?

5213862 Alright. Now, another question: do you honestly think this story is in any way, shape, or form decent?

5213865 I haven't read it yet... Point is you're making assumptions about everybody else who might like to read this by saying all of us. I've read stories that have hardly any followers and its mind blowing good. I got an Idea why don't you be an editor for him since you wanna criticize his work before you read it.

5213898 I would take up the offer, but I've been juggling so much (let's see: dryer broke, air and heating unit went kaput, and I have to tend to a momma dog and her eight puppies) I'm amazed I can still update my novel at the rate I update. :applejackunsure:

Actually, no assumptions about everyone else was made. Her comment was:

Could you invest in an editor before I even begin reading this story you presented before us all?

That's not an assumption, it's a fact. The story was presented to us all. She simply requested the author look for an editor before she begins reading this story the author posted publicly.

And telling someone they need an editor does not constitute volunteering, nor should she feel bad for telling the author they need one. It's a valid criticism, so why are you getting defensive about it? The description is there to entice readers. If it sucks, the author won't get people reading it. She simply suggested they fix it.

5213911 I'm sorry I just hate to see people criticize others work when they haven't read it yet. That just makes you look like *enter bad word here*. Its not that I see you like that but others will. Its like someone saying hey I hate bacon even though I never had it.

5213925 Um no I don't need someone to tell me this story needs an editor before I read it. Its my life and if I wanna read it so what?

You still misreading the original comment. She didn't tell you it needs an editor. She suggested the author finds one. Why are you taking a comment not directed at you so personally?

5213930 Um, the analogy is valid, but that still makes me think you're high on something when you typed that. As Kami said, I merely dropped a valid criticism and this story is technically on public display. :ajbemused:

Oh, and I've a habit of judging a story by title, the cover art (if any), the summary blurb, the word count, and the character/genre tags. With those things, I can deduce what I'll get myself into without even reading the chapters themselves (most of the time, since chapters can present twists even I didn't expect on frightfully rare occasion.)

5213952 Its just wrong to do it. I mean how would you feel if someone did that to you? I bet it nag at you a little bit.

5213946 like I said before

'm sorry I just hate to see people criticize others work when they haven't read it yet

Its doesnt feel right to me for someone to do that.

5213967 That's happened to me before. What did I do? I took it like a badge of honor. And besides, I'm part of a wolf pack of critics. This isn't your story, yet you defend it as such.

I suspect that if you wrote a story, someone is bound to drop by and point out things from simple word errors to unmended plot holes--it's guaranteed, to be honest.

In fact, I smile as I get criticized. It shows me what I can do to improve, where I had gone wrong, and is basically there to tell me, "Hey, Draggy, you ain't perfect." :raritywink:

I started an arguement , what have I done?


Me + random tag = A lot of memes

Remember that

5217269 You didn't start an argument; you merely need some help with your story. :raritywink:

5321005 I know right, eney help would be kindly appreciated

I have an idea how to change that part of LAZOR part, it involves cutting and a microphone

and the title does say what they are, this fort of changelings are outcasts

5321994 I'd say hit up Looking for Editors. There's lots of help there.

5213617 rough estimate 13,794 why?

6305482 Honestly, that took forever to reply to. How've you been lately?

6305562 how many stlries on fim have you read?

6305595 I have 6k faved; and that's going by what's exclusively in my library.

6305630 I know I've read plenty more (by how much, I lost count), since I reviewed some stuff in the past.

6305660 biggest peeve on the scite?

6305664 I have a few, but I don't feel like sharing them right yet.

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