A band Outcasts takes over Canterlot

by Pvt blu

First published

a story were a small group of changelings take over canterlot using some randomness

A small group of changelings take over Canterlot using randomness but for a good cause

rated Teen for violence, but don't worry nopony dies in this fic

Chapter 1

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Somewhere in Everfree there was a fort, not owned by ponies but rather by changelings, their leader did not have a name so he was called UCC, unnamed changeling captain, a veteran fighter with that cared for his soldiers and helped everypony as long as they promised to keep the fort a secrete but today was the day he was forced to do something he did not like

There was a knock on the door of the changeling captains office "Come in." he said

A changeling wearing steel armor opened the door and saluted "Captain, the diplomat we sent to Canterlot, we have lost communication with him!"

"At ease, lieutenant, I thought this might happen." the Captain said with a sigh

"Sir what are we gonna do, this is the third diplomat we lost." the lieutenant asked nervously "and we lost another scouting squad plus we are running low on suplies"

Captain lower his head "So, those ponies won't listen to eneything we say, I hate to do this but this means that we will have to force them to listen, we need to get into Canterlot

Suddenly a changeling wearing a green cap popped out of nowhere, which caused both the lieutenant and the captain to jump slightly " Wow their UCC, don't tell me your gonna try invade Canterlot, I mean the queen failed with more then double the changelings we have in this whole fort."

"No,no,no private Mirror , where not gonna to a full scale invasion, where going to infiltrate Canterlot." UCC corrected

"But captain,one does not simply walk into Canterlot, the princess is ever watching." the Private countered making a gesture with his

"Private, have you been watching that ridicules human movie 'Lord Of The Rings' again?" the lieutenant asked

Mirror just gave him a sinister grin "maybe, maybe not"

The lieutenant let out a sigh " I swear to the hive, where do you even get these stuff?"

"it is a secrete,only the element of laughter will understand" Mirror said in a mysterious voice before whispering at a 'screen' "yeah, I am kind of like Pinkie Pie
"As I was saying," the captain continued "were going to infiltrate Canterlot with only a few changelings, confront the princess and , if needed, force her to listen."

" Sir, how are we gonna fight the princess and what about the elements?" the Lieutenant asked

"We use team work, Shadow we use team work, and the elements, we can only hope they are not their on coincidence" UCC answered "We are going to meet at the southwest side then we will split up in few groups then we must be in the Palace before getting caught and before you ask Shining Armor and Cade... what ever that princess name is will not be there so we wont have to worry about the shield and another thing, you and the private here will be going with me

"Your participating?!" Both of the changelings asked in unison

"And sir, do you really think it is a good idea to have the private on this mission?" Shadow asked in a shaking voice

"Yes, I am going to partake and yes, the young soldier needs experience, and no 'buts' about it." the Captain told the armored changeling

The lieutenant sputtered before saying in a weary voice "Yes,sir" while Mirror was celebrating by doing flips and cheering

"Okay, we moving soon, so gear up!"

few hours later

"Okay we are here, stay close and try not to attract to much attention." the captain told the two changelings.

Lieutenant Shadow was wearing the same steel armor, Private Mirror wearied armor made out emeralds, but wearied his cap instead of a helmet, and UCC wearied diamond armor with a helmet that had a visor.

They made it to the palace with out drawing attention but Mirror stole some cotton candy and they encountered a drunk pony with a red coat and and orange mane and when he saw them he started talking gibberish and passed out

"Okay that drunken pony was weird but, here we are see that? balcony, we are going there, the offer squads already made it in." the captain said and he,the private and lieutenant flew up to the balcony "lieutenant, get the door."

"Sir, yes, sir!" he shouted only get hushed by the captain

"And keep it down."

"Sorry sir" he apologized tried to get the door open "it is locked."

Mirror pushed him to the side "let me handle this. IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR " the captain and the lieutenant eyes (if they had pupils) widened in terror at the racket while Mirror shot a blue energy beam from his mouth.

After blasting the door, the private turned around "See easy, and not even a guard around."the lieutenant who jaw still hanged, raised a hoof which caused Mirrors smile to fade. "their behind, aren't they?"Both of the shocked changelings nodded ,the private turned around to see five Royal Guards, all pointing their spears at them. "eeerrr? he proceeded to come up with a plan, he suddenly got a monocle and a mustache and put on his most gentlecolt voice on "Would you good sirs care for some tee?" the guards only shacked their heads, followed by the private's monocle and mustache falling off

"Get behind me!" UCC yelled after snapping out of confusion and jumped at the guards and attacked them, he ducked under the spears and delivered a uppercut to the first , another tried to attack but only to get blasted in the face with green magic, two more (some how they lost there weapons) jumped at him but only to crash into each other as the captain teleported out of the way, the last one only looked on in horrer when the captain turned his face to him, he ran away

"This place is going to get flooded with guards I will contact the others and tell time it is time to go loud."UCC said while dusting his shoulder plates off.

the private nodded"Good, we better get moving then" as he grabbed a very shocked lieutenant and dragged him along.