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Rainbow Dash, rumours, mental disabilities. Who's at the centre?

This story is based on the Derpy scandal and is not to be taken seriously.

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This was interesting... but not quite there.

interesting... but with 0% tolerance towards mentally disabled people and forcing them to change.

:twilightoops: Derpy does need a name. But it can't come from 4chan.

468573 4Chan is indeed a bunch of racists and idiots and cloppers... but they made the brony fandom in the first place and thus the names of a lot of background character. (And the famous Brony Civil War that followed)

And, what gives? we all love Derpy for who she is. I like her name, her personality and everything. And I have autismn myself. (That moment when you realize that all the ''derpy haters'' are facebook whores)

I disagree. 4chan may have came up with a lot of them, but look, Pon-3's name was decided on EqD, and most names used in the fandom come from the MLPFIM Wikia. Even though they do use Derpy there, 4chan influenced the voters. I understand what you mean, but we need a new name for this mailmare to stop all the controversy still surrounding the name. Everything else is fine!

No we don't. Derpy Hooves is fine, deal with it.

If Hasbro did the Derpygate shenanigans, what does that mean? It means the name isn't appropriate. :facehoof: As someone who loves all of the bronies, I don't want to anger them with anything that could potentially be considered offensive. Hence Iris Skew.

But I'm OK with Derpy. :yay: I just want to keep the readers happy.

Sorry, but this left a really, really bad taste in my mouth.
That Ponyville would even call Derpy out on her mistake as a whole seems really, well, wrong. That they would even assume that Celestia would banish her from the kingdom is equally distasteful. Yes, ponies act and operate much like our own society. They aren't based in a super-perfect Utopia of love and tolerance, but they are advanced enough to at least show marginal human decency. No published newspaper, not even a gossip paper, would ever capitalize on a sensitive topic such as mental disabilities. Not only is it bad press, but it's also entirely un-PC, and the story suffers from that lapse of logic.

I find it really distressing that Rainbow's actions towards her in the actual episode were interpreted in the way that they were. 'Derp' isn't a word that means mental instability, as much as people say that it does. It's a makeshift verb for a brief screw up or lapse of mental thought. Sure, it has gained negative connotations, but the basic meaning is still there. Derpy's inclusion into pony society in the canon, if anything else, just shows how tolerant Ponyville's citizens really are. They actively try to include her in their activities, and never once is it implied that she's been discriminated against.

And the fandom? I can't speak for the hellhole that is 4chan, but I can speak for EQD and other based pony sources on the internet. We love Derpy for who she is. The name is an affectionate call-out for what makes her so endearing in the first place. This whole controversy would have never started if it weren't for a select few people calling her out on her voice... which I still fume over. If Derpy is so offensive that we need to change her name, then about Snips and Snails? What about Barking Mad, the asylum patient? Would people take offense from her?

Overall, an interesting concept... but poorly executed, to me at least. :fluttercry:

This is what I call experimental writing. I was in fact testing out a new writing style for my other fanfic (TCB: C12-17). However, point noted. Derpy Hooves is Derpy Hooves. :twilightoops:

if her name absolutely has to be changed then id go with ditzy doo but whatever
durpy is best pony

468897 "Durpy" not sure is jokingly mocking the name or typo.

@Freywa and in general: I still vote Bubbles or Brighteyes just so no more bronyhating on brony with the Derpy vs Ditzy debate. Derpy is a silly expression made with the eyes. Also a silly mistake, a lapse in judgement. Ditzy is like a blonde, someone who is generally dumb/slow.

Both names can be viewed with bad connotations and Ditzy has it's ups and downs. I see Derpy as a normal loving pony that for 2 seasons strong has been a hardworking and cheerful pony and this story really brought out some of the bad we had just about buried behind us. Especially with more ignorant views of how "name must be changed to avoid any more blah blah blah" opinions being made out here by some.

If you can't love Derpy Ditzy Doo Hooves in her goddamn entirety then people should just leave it alone and move on to next pony imho. She isn't a slow pony just born with a Strabismus: "also known as heterotropia,[2] is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other.[3] It typically involves a lack of coordination between the extraocular muscles, which prevents bringing the gaze of each eye to the same point in space and preventing proper binocular vision, which may adversely affect depth perception."

I'd rather read another spinoff of Cupcakes then another story like this again. No offense but it really was quite sour. A lot of the stuff in this story just felt way out of character. Especially since in canon anyways she has always been part of the weather team, even if she was clumsy and directionally challenged. And not her fault someone decided she should be the catcher of stuff being taken out of a moving truck :P

Making her out to be something despite her seemingly able to fit in and join in on all the pony games in s1 and 2 and how look at her being a badass and cheering after a mission to deliver water up to Cloudsdale in Hurricane Fluttershy. I wish people would stop making her out to be mentally retarded or shunned by other ponies when she's clearly loved and accepted.

Anyways decently good writing, but this is just going to feed the sharks of ignorance, and those Ditzy Doo cultist extremist that will do anything in their power to demonize the name Derpy as to so much as write seemingly innocent fanfictions, or webcomics, and claim how slanderous how Derpy Hooves "Nickname" is. Not that all Ditzy name lovers are like that -- like I said -- this can just feed the ones that are.

Not to mention enrage the other half that love Derpy the way she is and saw the episode shoutout for what it was; an affectionate shoutout to the fandom for all their loyal support and giving their beloved adopted mare pegasus some screen love. If only they had managed to squeeze in the part where they destroyed town hall. sigh damn time constraints. Not that certain things took place like NOT GIVING HER A GENDER when script was handed to the actress. And I loved that voice fyi it was adorable and still better than that blond generic twit replacement in the 'censored' aka butchered version of LRU.

Whelp, it don't matter if people choose to hate on her character or not, she is still in there derped and proud! and I'm going to continue with her given name (fyi 4Chan can't influence Studio B/DHX since they said themselves they preferred the name derpy long before season 2 even got animated yet so :derpytongue2: )

469130 typo i do that to my own name all the time. i don't care what they call her i don't care what i call her i love the pony for she is best pony! i have autism so i can relate

468573 Her name as you know it is Derpy hooves nut her real name given to her by Hasbro is Ditzy doo :derpytongue2:

In fact, after seeing all these comments, I think this story is more of a satire, intended to make all bronies accept Derpy Hooves as the mailmare's name, even if it became a mild insult. :rainbowlaugh::derpyderp2:

MUFFINS!!! YU NO MAKE MUFFINS!!!:derpyderp2::derpyderp1:

474512 Because I wanted it to end in humour. :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

Not really.
Guy with asperger syndrome here, and I never really liked 'Derpy', always sounded wrong to me.
But everyone thinks differently.:scootangel:

542403 Yeah, I'm an Aspie. Derpy is fine with me, but sounds rather weird. :derpytongue2: I initially wrote this story to propose a new name for Derpy amidst all the proposals, but after the comments, I think this work has turned satirical. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

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