• Published 2nd Aug 2014
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Atari Anne Mash - Atari-Mash

The tale of a young mare who is struggling through life after the death of her older brother, and her struggles in the real world. Follow Atari through her years and adventures of her life.

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Prologue Part 2

Nurse Red Heart opened the heavy wooden door into the clean room. The room had a faint smell of lemons, despite the faint smell of sweat. Sega moved into the room a bit and allowed the nurse to step in as well. In the corner of the room sat a white mare with purple curled hair. She looked up at the sound of the door click as it shut and smiled.

"Sega, darling! Where are your socks?"

The mare had been referring to Sega's brown and light brown socks, a pair she made when the colt was born. Confused, Sega turned his head and looked at his back legs with a frown. As he noticed that his socks were indeed absent, he frowned.

"I'm sorry Auntie Rarity, I think I lost them on the way here."

"Well that's quite alright, honey. I'll make you some new ones. Though I was unprepared for Sweetie's birth tonight, so I don't have anything for the little foal."

"Can I help you make some matching socks for the new foal? Then I can give them to her when they are done?"

"Well that would be marvelous, Sega. How thoughtful of you." Rarity said, hugging the small foal.

Red Heart smiled and walked over to where Sweetie Belle was resting and looked at the clip board. "Ah, Sweetie Belle and Button Mash. I thought I recognized something in your son."

Button looked up from where he laid and gazed quizzically at the mare. "Oh?"

"He has the same bounce in his step that Sweetie had when she used to come in here with Rarity and her friends. Such a generous little group."

The mare smiled and left the room, allowing the family to be alone. Sweetie Belle laid on the hospital bed, her eyes shut and seemingly calm. Button pushed himself to a sitting position and yawned. He look at Rarity and Sega with tired eyes. He sighed, and shut his eyes for a moment, as Rarity and Sega looked at Sweetie Belle.

"Dad? Wheres my little brother or sister?"

The stallion smiled and moved over to the colt. "Well the doctors have to make sure she wasn't hurt. You know how mommy got hurt?"

"Yeah, she was cut with a knife by a strange pony in the park, right?"

"She was. Well they have to make sure the knife didn't hurt the foal. You can see her later though okay?" Button said before looking towards Rarity.

"I'll take him to my house for the night, and bring him back around noon." The white unicorn said with a smile, petting the colt's mane.

"Thank you, Rarity. I'm not so sure he'd enjoy sleeping in a hospital."

The mare nodded and yawned. "Come along, Sega. Say goodnight to your daddy, I think its time to go get some rest."

"Goodnight daddy!" Sega said as he hugged Button.

"Goodnight, Sega. Goodnight, Rarity."

The mare nodded and led Sega out of the room, and walked through the hospital birthing wing. As they walked down the halls of the hospital, Sega said goodnight to all the nurses and workers along the way. He even stopped and gave a quick hug to Red Heart on the way out and thanked her for the oatmeal. Eventually they hopped into a carriage waiting outside for them.

Sega was woken up by a pony hopping around where Sega slept on the air mattress. The purple pony hopped around dancing and singing as its green and purple mane flew in every way possible. The pony stopped by Sega's head and ran its dragon-like tail over his face.

"Syra! Why, you know how much I hate that. Furry scales, it just doesn't feel right to me." Sega said with a small glare.

"But you have to wake up, plus I like bothering you." The filly said, flashing her sharp teeth towards her little cousin.

"Ugh... is Uncle Spike at work?"

"Not yet, he's eating breakfast." Syra said, pulling her tail around her hooves.

The colt looked at his cousin, and rolled off the air mattress and out of the blankets. He was quickly greeted by two more foals, tackling him to the ground. His younger cousins, Spark and Gem tackled him as they dashed into the room. gem and Spark were twins and were both nearly white with a green mane and tail. They looked like normal foals, unlike their older sister. Spark was the only boy other then his dad.


"Hi big cousin!" The twins said in unison.

Sega gave them a half glare and pushed them off with a sigh. "Yeah, hi, okay. Can we eat now?"

Syra laughed and nodded. "Yeah, come on."

The group of foals trotted down into the kitchen, where Rarity served a bit of breakfast. Gem and Oats for the twins, while Syra and Sega settled for some scrambled carrots and turnips. Spike, the dragon, sat at the other end of the table, eating his gems as well. The dragon was the size of a normal stallion pony, though looked like a mature dragon. He smiled at Sega and put down his cup.

"Hey there Sega, I didn't know you were here."

"Oh, Auntie Rarity brought me here when we left the hospital."

He smiled and nodded and offered a piece of bread. "Must have been a long night, huh?"

"Yeah. I guess." Sega said, taking the bread and biting into it.

"Hey mom? Can I go with you to see my new cousin today?" Syra asked, giving her mother puppy eyes.

"Not today my little sparkling. Perhaps tomorrow." Rarity said with a grin as she ate her breakfast as well.

The six sat there and ate while they struck up small talk and laughed a bit. Eventually one of the twins asked why Sweetie Belle had the foal early, and caused Spike and Rarity to freeze. They explained that Sweetie was stabbed, only to the terms that wouldn't haunt a three year old foal for all eternity. Sega pushed his plate away once he had finished eating and glared at the part-dragon twin. Rarity sighed and stood, grabbing three saddlebags off the kitchen counter.

"School time, the bus is here, come along you three. Off to school you go." She said, giving the foals their saddlebags.

Once the foals had left along with Spike, Sega and Rarity got ready to go to the hospital. They got ready in silence and once they were done, ran outside into the sun to flag down a cab. The stone roads were damp, and got their hooves wet. The cab brought them straight to the hospital, where they went in to check-in. The nurse smiled at the two and asked them to wait in the waiting room while she got their bracelets prepared and printed.

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Comments ( 5 )

4787991 But why is her name Atari then?

There's nothing terribly wrong with this story and it doesn't deserve the downvotes.

I would recommend that you change the description. What you have here reads like personal notes to remind the author what is supposed to happen. I think the short description is better.

This story needs more up votes. Try adding some action? A plot twist maybe? It's ok if you don't, this is your story.

Nobody-Special - Her name is Atari because my personal liking for the shipping of ButtonMash formed around the whole video game thing, so I thought it might be fitting to name the Characters based of References or, Game consoles themselves.

Totallynotabrony - Thank for the tip, I'll edit it right away. It's my first time on here so I don't really know the ropes very well.

ButtonMash - Its only just the Prologue for now, the action starts once the prologue is over.

Not really sold on the first chapter, but definitely the second!

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