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Hi I'm Haley and I write only for the enjoyment of it. I do not write professionally but to share my creative thoughts to those around me and improve my writing skills.


Read the story of Atari, daughter of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash, and learn the heart breaking, shocking story of her life. Join her through heartbreak, and terror, while she lives her life and travels with The Doctor and Derpy, along with her other friends. Learn the story of the night of her birth, the tale of her cutiemark and more importantly, learn her own element in the world.

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I was curious, so I did follow the link from your FIMFiction profile page to your DA account. There's something I really don't understand. Why would a character named Atari have the Triforce -- a Nintendo creation -- as her cutie mark, rather than something like this?

Her cutiemark is a triforce because Zelda was a game that I loved as a kid, and still do. It explains how she got it and why its the Triforce further in the story, when that tale is told.

4787991 But why is her name Atari then?

There's nothing terribly wrong with this story and it doesn't deserve the downvotes.

I would recommend that you change the description. What you have here reads like personal notes to remind the author what is supposed to happen. I think the short description is better.

This story needs more up votes. Try adding some action? A plot twist maybe? It's ok if you don't, this is your story.

Nobody-Special - Her name is Atari because my personal liking for the shipping of ButtonMash formed around the whole video game thing, so I thought it might be fitting to name the Characters based of References or, Game consoles themselves.

Totallynotabrony - Thank for the tip, I'll edit it right away. It's my first time on here so I don't really know the ropes very well.

ButtonMash - Its only just the Prologue for now, the action starts once the prologue is over.

Not really sold on the first chapter, but definitely the second!

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