• Published 22nd May 2014
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Rainbooms of Thunder - Crystal Static

After a particularly nasty crash, Rainbow Dash discovers a secret about herself.

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Chapter One - System Shock

Rainbooms of Thunder

System Shock

I slowly open my eyes, only to find that my vision is blurry. I see a few colored shapes around me, but I am not sure what they are. I think back to the last thing I remember; I was attempting to do a spiral twist at rainboom speeds, but a crosswind hit me and I spun out of control. I must be in the hospital.

"She is waking up, I just hope she doesn't freak out."

"How do ya know that this thing is Rainbow Dash? Fer all we know, it could be some kind of monster."

"Applejack, we found her in a crater that witnesses claimed was made by Rainbow Dash, unless she was suddenly replaced with this without any of the twelve witnesses noticing, this is Rainbow."

My vision clears, and I see Nurse Redheart and Applejack next to me. With a nervous chuckle, I speak up, "Hey guys, how long was I out? I feel like I was hit by the friendship express."

Applejack backs away slowly, with a fearful look on her face. "Hey AJ, why you acting all scared like that? I can't have been hurt that bad."

"YOU'RE NOT RAINBOW!" Applejack yells, then bolts from the room.

"Hey nurse, what was that about?"

"I'll go get you a mirror, that should answer some of your questions, but it may raise quite a few more." Nurse Redheart leaves the room.

Well that was weird… why would AJ think I am not Rainbow Dash? Did I get so horribly disfigured from the crash that she couldn't recognize me?

Before my thoughts could spiral any more, Nurse Redheart returns with a hoof mirror.

"I have a mirror Rainbow, just don't panic."

She hoofs over the mirror and I turn to see my face, "Why would I panic, I am just… fine… okay, is this some kind of prank? Good one Pinkie, you can come out now!" I wait a few moments and Pinkie doesn't appear. "...This isn't a prank is it?"

"I assure you that this is no prank. I can say that your friends are worried about you though. They have been waiting in the lobby for the last few hours. I can send an orderly to go fetch them if you want me to."

"Sure nurse, I think I really need some friends to talk to…"

A few minutes after Nurse Redheart sent for my friends, they enter the room.

Pinkie Pie gets right up in my face before opening her legendary motormouth, "Wowee Dash, you look so cool as a robot! I wonder what I would look like as a robot. Can robots eat cupcakes? I don't think I could live if I couldn't eat cupcakes. I wonder what cupcakes taste like to a robot, I mean if robots can eat cupcakes-" I jam my hoof in her mouth before my ears fall off.

"Pinkie, you are so random. Also, how are you taking this so well, I thought it was a prank at first when I found out."

"Well you see, when I was a little filly, grannie pie told me, 'looks can change, it is what's on the inside that counts'. So since I knew it was still you I didn't have to worry about what you look like."

"Okay, thanks Pinkie, that means a lot…" I look over to Rarity and Twilight, "Hey girls. Yes, I know I am a robot. No, I didn't know until today. Yes, I am still the same old Rainbow Dash you know. And no Rarity, you are not making me a new dress to match my body."

"But Darling, Gadget Chic is on the rage right now."

"I said no Rares. I don't want a new dress, and I don't want to be pestered about 'what is all the rage right now'."

Twilight finally speaks up, "This is fascinating. A fully self aware electromagimechanical construct. Rainbow, I will need to see you in my lab when you get out of here… just to make sure everything is okay, hehe."

"Twilight, the day I let you take me into your lab for tests is the day I trade my wings for spatulas and let pinkie teach me to do the polka."

"Ugh fine, but if you ever break something, I get to be the one to fix it for you."

"Okay then Doctor Egghead."

I stop to think for a moment while Twilight scowls at me for calling her an egghead, "Hey girls, where is Fluttershy and Applejack?"

Rarity and Twilight suddenly find the ground incredibly interesting as then nervously shuffle back and forth before Rarity speaks up, "Well you see darling, Applejack is convinced that you are some monster replacing Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy had to go take care of Carrot Top's rabbit problem. I am not sure how Fluttershy will react to your appearance, but I am sure she will be afraid at first."

"Well that's just perfect, one of my friends thinks I am an imposter, and the other will probably be terrified of me. At least you three aren't scared."

Twilight decides to interject, "We're your friends Dash, we would never be afraid of you. I do have to write the Princess about this though."

"What! Why would you tell the Princess?"

"As an element of harmony, you are one of the most important defences of Equestria, and Princess Celestia wants to know if anything that could be concerning happens to us. Finding out that one of us is a robot counts as concerning Dash."

"Just make sure that she knows that it's still me…"

After my friends left, I decided to take a nap. I didn't dream of anything, but when I woke up, my vision was a little bit different. When I looked at things, glowing blue circles appeared around them, and next to the circles were words telling what they were and some other stuff. A little meter was in the bottom right of my vision, glowing green with the words 'Charge level: 97%', and I realized that the meter was how much energy I had before I needed to recharge. As I thought about how I recharge, a rectangle appeared filled with blue text told me that I charge by sleeping.

I glanced outside and realized that it was night. I looked to see why the lights were on, but then I saw that they weren’t. Hey! I can see in the dark! So cool!

I still don't know how I looked like a normal pony before the crash, but I am sure I will figure out how to make myself look normal again before long. Can I still join the wonderbolts though? Will I even be able to fit in anymore? This fancy display thing that tells me stuff is cool though, maybe being a robot will be okay.

Author's Note:

I saw a picture of a robot Rainbow Dash, and I decided that I wanted to write a Rainbot Dash fic.

This was an impulse write, but I think I might like to actually finish this fic.