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I enjoy wryting Mystery <3


Take Doctor Whooves, and his assistant Derpy, throw in the courageous Daring Do, and Sherlock Holmes type mystery and what do you get? A Mystery Mash UP!

Daring Do gets a strange letter from a "friend", and finds herself on a train ride to begin her search, but a small side track may slow her down. -Story so far

COVER ART BY DragonShy http://dragonshyart.deviantart.com/ http://mlpforums.com/user/1765-dragonshy/

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Spuds good! Plz keep going! For me?:derpytongue2:


Okay I got to ask.... the two gentle-colts and the photographer... that a Tintin reference...? if so yay!

great story so far! Tracking!

All three of my favorite Pony's ^_^ please keep writing! :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

Still going good but please don't let the plot point be about some fourth wall breaking stuff. I think that has been done quite enough

411584 Got it :pinkiehappy: I had to do a couple things for future plot in there. The muffin bit was a tad far, but I will be straight back to the adventure! Honest :heart:

412725 Oh no you get me wrong I saw definitely no fault this chapter I thought it was great :D It's just that I hope the main story won't be centered around some fourth wall breaking plot point like the author being the villain or something like that. Obviously you can't change whole story so easily but it is just my opinion that those concepts have been done enough for now if you get my meaning :)

This is good story so far.
It is apparently the only Doctor/Daring-Do story.
Weird it seems so natural that those two would have created good stories around themselves.

So far I :heart: it.
Keep up the good work Mango.

ahahahahaa :rainbowlaugh:
cant beat HHGG and the mystery of the 42

I'm sorry, I can't help myself.
Mystery Mash Up Mystery Mash Up!
Let's solve some mysteries here!
Mystery Mash Up Mystery Mash Up!
'cause I can eat deer! 'Cause I can eat deer!:rainbowlaugh:

now this is an interesting story!

Lol is doctor sitting human like now

I'm actually staying up late just to read this

XD i see what you did there

i iz confused :3 can't wait for more

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