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There is a world. In all of us. Full of imagination. Our hearts. Our fears. Our wildest dreams. It is called...The Infinity.


"Your magic doesn't come from a wand...it comes from within."

WillowShine has never flown high above the clouds, where her troubles melt away...where bullies and hurtful words can't touch her. In fact, she doesn't even HAVE wings. She knows zilch magic, has never cracked any riddles...and has NEVER spoken to ancient creatures.

All she's ever known is a horrible, boring life with her selfish stepfather, Rusty Diamond, and her two, snotty stepsisters: Silke and Velvette. Of course, no daughters with a daddy that's filthy rich can resist picking on their servants; so of course, Silke and Velvette find their fun in teasing WillowShine...calling her a blank-flank, and jeering that she can't do any magic. WillowShine can't say anything back, or Rusty Diamond would send her straight to the curb before she could yell, 'No!'

WillowShine is doomed to a life of torment...and rudeness that would drive anypony out of their minds.

But all that is about to change when she meets a mysterious stallion with a monocle, bearing a message that will change her life forever.

(Warning: This is inspired by Harry Potter, so there are some similarities to Hogwarts and Harry Potter themes. :twilightsmile:)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

Hogwarts?! You have my attention once again. And when a writer does that, there is only one appropriate action!
Now, for my reaction to the chapter. Well written, good backstory and overall endearing... However: those were the characters described as being ill towards our main character weren't they? That'll make me lose all admiration for them.wont it?

I enjoyed this! Thank you for a great first chapter! I'd hope for more, but this hasn't been updated for four years.

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