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There is a world. In all of us. Full of imagination. Our hearts. Our fears. Our wildest dreams. It is called...The Infinity.


Her eyes...they're like meadows.
Her hair is so messy and beautiful.
Her freckles are so adorable.

CandleFlicker, a unicorn-stallion, is the star student of Princess Luna. He has powerful magic, and the ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge. He is an expert at controlling fire...he even has his own pet Phoenix. The only thing CandleFlicker CAN'T do is make friends. Or socialize very well.

Princess Luna soon begins to notice that he turns down every invite, every event, just so he can study. Alarmed, she asks Princess Twilight Sparkle for advice, and the plan they come up with is genius. Princess Luna sends CandleFlicker to Ponyville, just like Princess Celestia did with Twilight.

When CandleFlicker gets there, a certain pink pony throws him a surprise party, so he is forced to socialize with EVERYPONY in town. He's introduced to the entire gang...Pinkie Pie, Rarity, RainbowDash, Fluttershy...even TWILIGHT, who's come down for the occasion. He meets tons of other ponies...so many that he can't keep track.

But when Pinkie Pie introduces CandleFlicker to a certain freckle-faced pony, his entire life changes.

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If this is a satire on overpowered self inserts (Which I'm guessing it is due to the fact that you used your own username) Then CONGRATULATIONS
It freaking rocks

Good start, nice editing. I'll keep up with this! :twilightsmile:

You may want to swap out the name.
Lots of people around here don't like self inserts.

Other than that, not the worst I've seen.
Eh, I'm feeling generous today. have an up vote.

I guffawed.
"How could you possibly qualify for my school if you haven't had an audition?" I challenged.
He was silent.
"Be gone. You are wasting my time."

that's really doesn't sound like Luna, but I really love the story so far.

You said you were open to suggestions?:pinkiehappy: Well, I'm a lot like AJ. so here's a quick thing, make sure AJ is completely clueless to his feelings for her! :ajsmug: Maybe Rarity notices a blush or something and tries to tell AJ but she won't listen. then AJ (After talking with Rarity) starts to notices the way he acts for her. Just a thought. Cus that's what happened with me:pinkiehappy:....And my friend who is like me:twilightblush:....I really like this story:twilightsmile:......ok im done here:ajbemused:...goodnight:moustache:

It happen so fast. Soon as i finished reading the story i look up and i have already followed, favorited and like in a fraction of a second. Keep up the good work.

Hey guys! I'm taking your advice and changing PhoenixFlame to CandleFlicker. :twilightsheepish: By the way, >>SilencedWhisper... that is a TERRIFIC idea! :rainbowlaugh: I will totally use that! Thank you so much for reading! I NEVER expected to get so many reads this fast! :raritystarry:

I would suggest you make the layout a little bit more readable. Good read so far! Certainly going to track you down. :trollestia:

saloony78, I will certainly take your suggestion! :twilightblush: Thank you SO much for the read and the follow. :pinkiegasp: I will certainly try to improve my work! :ajsmug:

What breathtaking magic could a little filly like this do?

Fillies are female, silly human. :rainbowlaugh: you should probably change that to colt, or foal. :ajsmug:

I laughed quietly to myself. In the courtyard, PhoenixFlame turned the page and his head completely disappeared.

You forgot to change the name in that one paragraph.

But anyway... So far, I like the story. It's written clearly, it's interesting and entertaining.
Keep up the good work!

4180543 You should have expected it! It's a good story and I can't wait to see more! But take your time writing chapters! Fans may get pissed if they take too lobg, but don't listen to them! You are doing a great job! :pinkiehappy:

Bear WANT MOAR WORDZ!! RAWWWRRR!! Ahem. Sorry...what I meant to say is I like what you've written so far. I love good stories about Princess Luna,and you have done a great job in creating atmosphere. That's something I'm still working on.

Thank you so much, Cavendish! :twilightblush: I try my hardest to make sure my readers are satisfied. I will most DEFINITELY look at your works! Thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

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