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I go all out to change my fate, just like a mercenary earning his cash


Long ago, there was a happily married oligarchical couple whose names were Cadance and Shining Armor...

Cadance saw over Her subjects with great adoration, and Shining led the guard to defend them...

One day, Nightmare Moon, Queen of the Underworld, arrived and stole Shining to be her new King...

Our exalted and righteous Goddess of Love shall grieve. But She will have Her revenge.

FOR THE RECORD: Yes, Ceres is not the goddess of love in Greco-Roman mythology. Yes, Prosperpina was a 'young maiden' and also the daughter of Ceres. Yes, Pluto is the god and king of the underworld. I pondered the characters and realized this would not exactly work how I would have liked it to, and changed them. I did say it was a new version.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

So far I like. I give thumbs up :pinkiehappy:

suddenly..... (add dots if you drop us on a cliff hanger? not a command. Just a question.)

4162838 I wrote that oddly on purpose. I moreso interjected a quick event as the ending of the chapter played out to show that it was parallel in time.

Thank you for the like, by the way. :D

Oh. Ha, thanks for that. I was confused as why there were no dots after that =3

Isn't Ceres the goddess of Fertility and The Harvest? And, technically the goddess of love? Well, a subtitute at least for whomever is. Huh, I need to practice on my Roman mythology...

6145303 Venus is the goddess of love. I wrote the disclaimer saying roles were changed to fit an easier dynamic, but the story itself will remain about the same.

Thank you for stopping by!

:facehoof: Of course it was bloody Venus! God, I am going to fail at Mythology.

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