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Pirates and Ponies - BronyPro2402

Thanks to a devil fruit user the Straw Hats were sent into a new world filled with magic colorful ponies in a land called Equestria

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Prolougue- Pirates in Equestria

The Thousand Sunny rides the waves with it's sail open wide revealing a skull wearing a straw hat and two bones lined up as a cross is set behind the skull, it's black pirate flag waving around with the wind, and the same skull as the sails, and the Straw Hats crew are all doing their own thing. In the training area a shirtless Roronoa Zoro holds a 10 ton weight with his teeth while doing one handed push ups, down on the deck Usopp, Chopper, and Luffy sit on the rails of the ship, throwing their fishing lines into the sea attempting to catch some fishes for their next meal, Nami and Robin lay on outdoor lounge chairs, soaking up sunlight, both wearing bikinis', Nami's bikini is yellow with red polka dots, Robin's bikini is a blue color with black strips going horizontal. Sanji is in the kitchen preparing desserts for the two gorgeous women, Franky is keeping a hold on the wheel smiling and admiring the smooth sailing the Thousand Sunny was giving them. Brooke was sitting in the lounge writing a new song for him to sing to his crew members.

"hmm" Luffy blinked twice as he looked up from his line

"Oi what's wrong Luffy?" Usopp asked, looking at his captain

"What's that over there," Luffy pointed at a huge object heading towards them

"hmmm" Usopp squinted his eyes and looked at the object his captain is pointing at and pulled down his goggles and adjusted them to focus on the object, Usopp opened his mouth, "Ma-ma-ma... Marines!" Usopp shouted.

"What?!" Chopper yelled as he drop his fishing rod, "everyone! Marines are coming towards us!" Chopper yelled out as he jumped off the rail and ran to the center.

Zoro hearing chopper's screams open his window and sticks his head out, "Oi! what's with all the yelling out here?"

Franky looked at his side from where the Marines ship was coming from, a huge grin came across his face, showing of his teeth, Sanji comes out with a lightly orange colored yogurt with a small thin red strip curving around with the yogurt, and a cinnamon stick sticking out, all set on a small glass bowl, "Nami-san! Robin-chan! I made you two tangerine yogurt! with a touch of strawberries and cinnamon," Sanji exclaimed with a big smile.

"Ah looks delicious thank you Sanji," Nami said with a smile as she grabbed one of the bowls

"Yes thank you very much," Robin commented with a smile as she grabbed the other bowl

"EVERYONE MARINES ARE HEADING OUR WAY!" Usopp shouted at the top of his lungs as he joined with Chopper

"Umm?" Zoro said with one eye brow up and the other down, with a bored look on his face, "Is that all *sigh* I'll be down in a minute".

"There already here," Luffy said with a straight face and clam voice as he turns his head to face Usopp and Chopper. The marine ship was only five yards away from the Thousand Sunny.

"WWHHAAAAAAAAAAATTT!" Usopp and Chopper shouted at there captain with their cheeks touching each others and their heads five times as big as they used to be, with a confused look, and their pupils gone, "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAID SOMETHING BEFORE THEY GOT HERE!" Usopp and Chopper shouted, but with an angry expression this time.

"Pirate Scum!" a voice was heard coming from the marine ship. Usopp and Chopper start to shake and sweat, "Prepare for your long awaited justice!" a man jumps onto the rails of the ship, the man has a open chest white coat that go all the way to his knees, with blue strips on the edge of the sleeves, and collar, and the marine insignia on the back, underneath the coat he wears a purple tiger shirt with black strips, and black pants, his black hair has layers of spikes that split from the middle, the left side of his hair points up and to the left, his right hair points up and to the right, with purple slip on shoes. At this time Zoro finally got down on the deck with his green kimono, and Sanji along with the two female crew members turn their heads towards the marine, "I-am Captain Telko!" the marine captain pointed to himself with his thumb.

Luffy blinked, " umm Taco?!"

"That's right Captain Taco," said Telko, as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes. One of Telko's marine crew walked up to his captain and poked his left leg, Telko opened his eyes and looked down and got off the rail, the marine whispers into his captain's ear, "huh, yeah, oh really, huh, okay," Telko looked back at the Straw Hats and cleared his throat, "It appears my name is Tel-ko not Ta-co!" the spiky haired captain yelled.

"What's up with that guy?" Zoro asked, "he can't even remember his own name,"

"Oi! Luffy do you want me to show them the SU-PER power of the Thousand Sunny!" Franky yelled from behind the wheel.

"hehehe," Luffy smiled with a big grin, still sitting on the rails of his ship, and arms crossed, "Nah, he's pretty funny, lets see what he can do," Luffy said back to Franky

"Letting the enemy make the first move huh," Telko said with a grin, "very honorable, however," Telko moved his hands straight forward, with his palms facing the Straw Hats and Thousand Sunny, "Pirates do nothing but destroy life's, wreak havoc, and do anything they please, and the sounds of justice is too far for them to hear it, but for me, I can hear it as loud as the sea! and its telling me to bring an end to your crimes!" the marine captain's palms began to glow gray, "Now parish from this planet! IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!" gray waves begin to come out of Telko's palms and surrounds the Thousand Sunny.

The Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hats are pushed back and stay floating in the air, all of them having confused looks on their faces, all but one. Telko grined and pulled his arms back, "Get ready to take the picture!" the spiky haired captain yelled out to his crew, one marine made his way threw the other marine crew members to get to the captain's side with a camera at hand and focused it on the Straw Hats, "Now take the shot!" the marine did as he was told and as soon as the picture was taken and a click was heard Telko quickly pushed his hands forward.

One by one the Straw Hats start to disappear and after all of them have vanished the Thousand Sunny followed. "WHOA! where did they go!?" Telko shouted with his mouth wide open and his pupils gone, but his hands still pointing forward, the same marine as before whispered into his ear, "huh, yeah, oh really, huh, okay," The marine pulled back, Telko crossed his arms "well if you say so, oh by the way how did the picture turned out?"

"It still needs to be developed sir," the marine with the camera replied

"Darn, well I am going to need some kind of proof to show to the admirals that I took down the Straw Hats" the spiky haired captain lowered his head and let out a loud sigh, "Well in the meantime I guess we can go get more pirates".


It's another ordinary day in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie bounces threw the streets of Ponyville saying her hi's and hello's to all her friends as she passes by, in the library Twilight and Spike look through scattered books on the floor to re-shelf them, Rarity is in Canterlot working for an important client, Applejack works hard at Sweet Apple Acres with her brother Big Macintosh, while her little sister is off with her friends the Cutie Mark Crusaders planning who knows what, Rainbow Dash is attending Wonderbolt Academy, and Fluttershy is taking care of her animal friends.

>Pinkie Pie- Ponyville

As Pinkie makes her daily routine threw Ponyville she can already tell that today is going to be the best day ever, even though two of her best friends are away she is confident that nothing bad woul- *twitch* *twitch* "My tail, my tail, it's a twitchy twitch!" everypony around her all gasp and ran towards their house to avoid what ever Pinkie's tail is warning them, Pinkie Pie also took immediate action and hid underneath a wagon waiting for the inevitable.

>Twilight Sparkle- Ponyville- Golden Oaks Library

Twilight uses her levitation spell to pick up and place the books in alphabetical order on the shelf's, while Spike stacks them up near Twilight. Putting all of her focus on the books Twilight was very surprise by the loud thump, and out of force of habit quickly yelled at Spike, "Spike! what did I tell you about fooling around".

"But it wasn't me Twilight," Spike replied with a sincere and confused voice

Twilight turned her head towards the purple baby dragon to see that he was holding a small tower of four books, Twilight blushed a little and apologized to the baby dragon, "But where in Equestria did that noise come from?"

"I think it came from upstairs" Spike answered.

>Rarity- Canterlot- Hoofs to Snooze Hotel

As Rarity entered her room she let out a big sigh, finally relieved that she finished Hoity Toity's line of dresses. She laid on the bed, and even though she missed her friends in Ponyville she planned to stay in Canterlot for at least one more day just to take a stroll around the sophisticated city, while lingering on this thought she heard a thump coming from her balcony.

>AppleJack- Ponyville- Sweet Apple Acres

Applejack started heading toward the barn as she pulled a wagon stock up with baskets full of apples from the orchard, as she came toward the farm she notice her brother was already there, "Already done with ya side of the orchard I figure?" Applejack really wasn't surprise since Big Mac was the strongest stallion she knew, before Big Mac was able to respond with one of his famous eeyup a crash was heard coming from inside the barn.

>Cutie Mark Crusaders- Ponyville- Pond

"Alright, you girls ready?!" Scootaloo said with a determined look, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom on the other hoof are very concerned about the whole plan.

"I don't know about this scoots, are ya sure this is safe," Apple Bloom asked as she checked her water skies to make sure they were on right, and if the rope was tight enough to stay put but not too tight that it would hurt.

"Oh come on Apple Bloom, how exactly is this not safe," Scootaloo replied with a grin, as she got on her scooter while putting on her helmet, and two ropes tied around her body.

"Well for starters your using your scooter and wings too ski over the water instead of using an actual Jet Ski," Sweetie Belle said in the same situation as Apple Bloom.

"Well unless you have enough bits to buy a Jet Ski I don't really see any other way we can earn a water skiing Cutie Mark," Scootaloo said to Sweetie Belle with an irritated look

"And I really don't see how this is going to work," Sweetie Belle said frowning back to Scootaloo

Apple Bloom just stared at her friends as they began to argue with each other, as she stared Apple Bloom felt something wrong, she didn't knew what it was but none the less she looked around until she finally looked up, as she did her jaw dropped, still looking up Apple Bloom called out to the two fillies "Girls"

"Fine! then why don't you think of something!" Scootaloo shouted back at Sweetie Belle


"I did remember! Before you forced us into this I suggested we try helping Twilight with re-shelving the library! Sweetie Belle yelled back

"Girl!s" Apple Bloom spoke up a bit louder

"But that's boring!" Scootaloo whined

"GIRLS!" Apple Bloom yelled still looking up

"What!" both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo shouted back

Apple Bloom pointed up and the two fillies looked at each other and proceeded to look up

>Rainbow Dash- Wonderbolt Academy- Training area

Rainbow Dash was soaring threw the sky, their daily routine of training was already done but unlike her other fellow cadets Rainbow still had enough energy to practice some new tricks to show off. As she makes a loop a loop she looks down at the runway and sees a crowed of pegasi gathered up over some thing, "What the hay is going on over there?" Rainbow said to her self, as more pegasi start to gather, so did her curiosity, Rainbow Dash hoovered over the the crowed try to get a good look.

>Fluttershy- Fluttershy's cottage

Fluttershy hummed to herself as she fed her little critters, she just finished giving chipmunks and squirrels some nuts and acorns when Angel repeatedly thump Fluttershy's back legs demanding food, "Oh I am sorry Angel here," Fluttershy grabbed a carrot from her saddle bag and gave it to Angel, the bunny took one bite and threw it on the floor, "Oh my is their something the wrong?" Fluttershy asked, Angel nodded his head, Fluttershy looked at the carrot, picked it up and took a bite and quickly realized it has gone bad, "Oh I am sorry Angel I didn't know it was bad, lets go to the market and get you a new one okay," Angel quickly got on Fluttershy's back and headed out the door.

As she exited her cottage and closed the door Fluttershy eeped as she heard a muffled noise right around the cottage, hesitating Fluttershy looked around the corner...

Author's Note:

Sooooo can any one guess who is matched up with who?

Thanks for giving this a read and hope you enjoyed it and I do plan on posting the actual First chapter today dang! yeah won't be able to do that but definitely tomorrow -_-" I hate to say but I don't know when the next chapter will be posted and I apologize to any one who is actually waiting for it but there is a scene that I was working on all morning and honestly it just feels like a car crash and it just stresses me out so I am going to have to redo it and again I am sorry and trust me I hate doing this but I am going to take it slow,
and I still greatly accept any kind of criticism thank you

P.S Yes I do know I left out two Straw Hats out when arriving into Equestria but its all part of the plan

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In the training area a shirtless Nora Nora Zoro holds a 10 ton weight with his teeth while doing one handed push ups

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