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Best pony? Pinkie Pie of coures, I mostly love crossover, I like to draw, write, and play video games, and I welcome any kind of criticism for my work


A marine captain obsessed with wanting to become an admiral, uses for the first time his new devil fruit powers on the Straw Hats and sends them in too Equestria, unfortunately for the Straw Hats they got separated from each other. Now with the help of their new friends the Straw Hats must find a way to find each other and some how return to their world, but as time past the Straw Hats soon find out their not the only pirates in Equestria.

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In the training area a shirtless Nora Nora Zoro holds a 10 ton weight with his teeth while doing one handed push ups

Dude,...just no. JUST NO! It is Roronoa Zoro, not Nora Nora, so please fix this.

Um, nice beggining. It could have been better but it's not bad either.

4599414 umm okay honestly that's what I was going to name him but got confused when I looked up his name on google I am not good with remembering names especially if they have been translated diferently and now I don't know where I am going with but fix it shall be!

4599654 umm yeah I guess I kind a rushed the part where the Straw Hats entered equestria I'll make sure not to do that in other chapters... hopefully

Do you proof read this before posting, because I can't read one paragraph without picking up on some grammatical error. I'd list the corrections, but the list would be far too long.

4636593 yeah I just do it myself but obviously suck at it, I am one of those who needs a proof reader

O____O... I now want to see Luffy punch Blueblood into the ground, almost killing that dick!!! :flutterrage: :pinkiecrazy: :flutterrage:

PLEASE update soon! Or else I'll have to go Pinkamena on your flank! :pinkiecrazy:

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