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After nearly causing the potential death of her closest friend - at least according to herself - Rainbow Dash cuts off communication with society in general, falling into depression. To make matters worse, she refuses to forgive herself, even though nopony else had blamed her in the first place! After most ponies had given up, can the 'friend' at the heart of the issue help the cyan pegasus come to her senses?
Just a mini-story that I wrote due to insomnia, but fortunately I finished it after getting some sleep, so it does have a happy ending. By the way, notice the lack of a 'romance' tag: this is not a ship. Just wanted that to be out there to eliminate having to answer any potential questions about it.

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In all seriousness, though, that was a really nice story. But why Pi?

That was a good story. i really liked it. and only pinkie could get a pony out of a deep depression. :pinkiehappy:

The only thing i didnt like was the color switching... its just not something i like. its just me.

That was great! Keep it up!

so because draft 4 is most recent
does that mean i can can just read draft 4
the other drafts have nothing in them except errors and stuff thats already in draft 4?
well ok then
i guess ill read it, but why dont you remove the other drafts?

and now that im finished reading...
i like it
thumb up and favorited

I keep the other drafts up for reference

Monty Python reference that, if I remember correctly, is actually accurate to the show too, at least in season one.

Yes, I did steal a paragraph from Monty Python, good work! And is it really accurate with the show?!?! I'd have to double-check that...

990824 If I remember correctly, yeah. I noticed ages ago that season one starts with summer - what with the 'summer sun celebration' and Twilight saying 'it's summer' in Ticket master - then moves to winter - winter wrap up - then moves to autumn - fall weather friends.

Weird thing to notice I know, but I always found it delightfully dodgy.

...I think you might have just won the interwebs, my friend. Considering that I'm a person who looks for things like that, and I came up empty... just... just kudos. :golfclap:

Thanks! In that case, it might interest you that at some point I'm going to be fixing up the middle part of the story, so that Dash's actions/reaction makes more sense. Just a heads up. And again, thanks so much! If I may ask, what do you like about it?

I just loved it, I don't raelyl haev specific parts, I liked how it went, that and I empathise wityh Dash because I blame myself for alot of things that aren't my fault, far too often.

Well, I can't say the same, but I was going off of Dash's character, so I'm glad I got it right, haha!

Nice story, I would've liked to have heard a bit more about how the rest of the mane 6 tried to convince dash it was an accident but apart from that it was really well done, you really have a good insight into dash's thoughts :twilightsmile:

The image is from here: http://chrysanthemumblossom.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Dash-Moon-PS-208843416. Found it in a couple minutes using a reverse-image search on Google. :derpytongue2:

Yeah, I'm working on fixing that at some point, along with the actual crash itself.

I... never got a result by doing that. Huh. Either way, THANK YOU!

Man. Rainbow Dash was acting really selfish. How? By exiling herself from society and constantly hating herself for something that wasn't even her fault - therefore hurting her friends, especially Pinkie, in the process. I understand that there was a reason for her actions, and truthfully that adds drama and depth to the overall story.

But I have a complaint: I think some of Rainbow Dash's word choices were a bit...uncharacteristic for her. Words such as 'catalyst', 'jubilantly', and even 'apex' are very unusual coming from Rainbow Dash of all ponies. I hope that this is fixed in any of your future stories involving Rainbow Dash.

But seriously, this story was truly worth the read.

I have a latex allergy

So do I pinkie. So do I.

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