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Briar Rose's pet phoenix, Poeni, has been in his family since...well, recorded history doesn't even really go that far back. However, Poeni is different from modern Equestrian phoenix - such as Princess Celestia's pet, Philomena - in one major aspect: Poeni is actually a different breed of phoenix, an ancient breed long thought to be extinct: the promptly named Ancient Phoenix.What makes the ancient phoenix so different from modern phoenixes - apart from age - is that while the modern breed can be reborn by spontaneously combusting, ancient phoenixes are required to build a ritual funeral pyre, built with several specific ingredients: myrrh, cinnamon, cassia, frankincense, spikenard, oak branches, and palm leaves. However, there is one major problem: not only are most of these rare ingredients, but it is not certain about whether a couple of them still even exist!!! Will Briar be able to complete the ritual so his phoenix Poeni can be reborn?

***Again, change your background color to dark. However, there isn't nearly as much dialogue in this story as there is in my other ones, so this isn't as crucial, but it's still more-or-less necessary to be able to read the dialogue that is in the story.

EDIT: I am currently working to change this***

I am working to make each chapter EqD worthy before I publish them, so do NOT expect regular updates. It doesn't mean that I'm not writing, because I am - I'm actually past the half-way point of the story as I'm writing this. However, I'm simply trying to make each one perfect...well, as much so as possible.

***Dedicated from a Poeni to all other Poeni who may or may not read this. Oh, I'm sorry, are you not familiar with Latin? Well, let me tell you this: poeni is the Latin root from which the Punic wars, as well as the Punic language. To clarify, poeni is Latin for 'Phoenician', of which I myself am one, albeit I am a Phoenician from Arizona, but my dedication remains the same, nonetheless. EDIT: Do NOT trust Google Translate for that. For one, Google Translate only has a Beta version for Latin. And second, I got this out of a textbook, not from any online source.***

***Cover image designed by WingWind over on deviantArt (link: http://wingwind.deviantart.com/) at my request.***

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After nearly causing the potential death of her closest friend - at least according to herself - Rainbow Dash cuts off communication with society in general, falling into depression. To make matters worse, she refuses to forgive herself, even though nopony else had blamed her in the first place! After most ponies had given up, can the 'friend' at the heart of the issue help the cyan pegasus come to her senses?
Just a mini-story that I wrote due to insomnia, but fortunately I finished it after getting some sleep, so it does have a happy ending. By the way, notice the lack of a 'romance' tag: this is not a ship. Just wanted that to be out there to eliminate having to answer any potential questions about it.

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***On hiatus while Johnfreemanwepon and I work on the battle aspects of the story. We're both really busy, so it isn't going quickly, but progress is being made nonetheless***

"The Griffonite Empire had almost always been the strongest ally of their neighbor, Equestria. However, all that changed when the former decided to declare war, and invade. It is said that laughter is the best medicine, but can it help get the ponies through a war? Victoriously? Alive?"

I don't know why, but these Equestria-at-war kind of stories have always appealed to me in some strange way. Thus, when I randomly got an idea for how I could start one of my own, I leapt at the chance. I don't plan on updating it at a fast rate at all, especially considering how deeply involved I am with my other stories, namely A New Life, but to stay true to a promise I have made to myself, I won't simply abandon this, and will update every now and again. Also, don't expect there to be nearly as much randomness and humor as about the dozen or so of you who are familiar with my writing have come to expect, as war isn't a joke: it's serious shit.

**As is always the case with my stories, change your background color from LIGHT to DARK, so you can read my color-coded dialogue**

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I'm going to make this simple. I'm given a choice by Celestia to enter the world of Equestria as either a Pegasus, Unicorn, or Earth pony, with the Mane 6 already well informed about the circumstances. Yes, I know this summary sucks, but that's because I'm focusing more on the story. You're welcome.

One key detail: this is somewhat of a self-insertion, but by doing so, I'm making DAMN sure that I include all that I can about me...including my flaws, such as my tendency to confuse myself by over-thinking things, for example. Also, my BIGGEST 'rule' while writing this is to keep ALL of the characters in character, because other wise even I wouldn't want to read this, because no one wants to read that kind of shit. But trust me: this story is going to be interesting. By multiple meanings of the word, too.

Edit: This story is also going to be having a Semi-Crossover with MusicSlave's Music's 'Tail' and the stories that are combining with it.

~~Brendan Kirk "Da Beejees" Julian

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