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This is an alternate ending and may not make sense if you haven't read the original story
Thanks to Kaidan for the original story.

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I don't care what the hell this is going to be, but just the concept of an alternate ending for what I believe to be one of the greatest stories ever written is already enough of a reason for me to like and favorite. I'll give my thorough detail once I'm done reading.

Kinda funny I see this today; Germans celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th, so this is almost like a gift for me. I used to pester Kaidan about this alternate ending for months. :rainbowlaugh:

Well Rainbowzillaz, this was a ballsy move, I feel like I am obligated specifically to review this, being that this is my favorite story on the site. I feel that the way you handled this story was great for a first fic, your writing was overall very good, but I feel the reserves of power were to easy for her, an emotionally shattered victem, to access. Another note is the wording on the power of love, instead of it being a magical force, it seems (to me) that it should be a motivational emotion, like "I drew strength fron the love that grew in my heart, wich had grown cold over the years of neglect, this feeling of warmth spread through my body the closer she got to me" or something like that. A few errors bothered me, not many, but the i's need the be capitalized and a few of the sentences are a bit too short, add a little bit more to them and it should be fine.Overall, very good job, you achieved the emotional depth needed to expand the story, and while I liked the original ending more, I assure you it is not because of your writing.

3677634 Thank you so much for your feedback, I had a lot of fun writing this so i'm glad you enjoyed it. I will take what you said into consideration and hopefully I can incorporate some of what I learned into future works. I also loved the original, it's just that when I read an ending that nearly moves me to tears, I like to think of what another outcome could be. Thanks again for the criticism.

Glad to help, good job and keep writing!!!

Reliving the old times, I'm writing this comment under the same circumstances I already wrote my huge-ass review after I finished reading Puppet many months ago: in my bed, tired, on a phone, without spellchecker, and without proofreading. I really wonder where I got that rambling talent from.

Anyway, what am I supposed to say about this alternate ending? Well, first and foremost, obviously, the fact that you actually took the time to make an alternate ending for my most-favorite story is an amazing move by default. I've been pestering Kaidan for months to write me an alternate ending, but for some reason he always seems to find an excuse...

But this is about your alternat ending, not his non-existing one. So, let's get started.

As with all alternate endings, you started by copy-pasting a section of the original story to refresh the reader's mind and to tell them where exactly your variation of the end kicks in. It doesn't take much to realize this is important, but it's still nice you remembered it for your very first fic.

What I don't like at all, and I have to be blunt here, is the horrendous editing. I don't know if it was laziness or really not knowing better, but the amount of uncapitalized I's is really, really disappointing. This is a real question, actually: was it laziness?

Another issue was the length of the paragraphs, among a few more things which I will not further elaborate.

What really matters is the story, so let's go on with that next. One thing I have to give you praise for is the simple fact of it being a happy ending. Even though Puppet was supposed to be a tragedy that was designed to leave you with a hole in your heart when you finish reading it (and god damn did it do that job perfectly...) I always wanted to see how a bright ending would look like. Well, that's not really true, as the idea is simple. But the excecution of this idea is truly an interesting point. So, did you accomplish something worthwhile here?

Well, I really have to break it to you, but the answer is no. Now don't be saddened by this, because I mean this kind of no as in, "I can see your motivation and appreciate it, but you being new to writing made it fail," not that I think you suck or anything. There are a few rules to follow and you're pretty much good to go.

What perplexed me the most was where Vinyl returned and immediately kissed Octavia. That's just wrong. Vinyl was just about to leave Octavia for the rest of their lives, and just because she heard a few noises she returns and kisses her. The idea is fine, but just way, way too rushed. You should've made her, like, stare at Octavia for a while and eventually realize it was a good idea to get her out of her stupor.

Either way, for a first attempt at writing it is, although lacking quite a bit, acceptable. Just try harder, ask a few people to preread your work, and you should be on your best way to become a good author. :pinkiesmile:

Final question though: Why did you write an alternate ending of a story you haven't favorited? You didn't follow Kaidan, which is fine; each to their own. But no favorite?

3679063 Thanks for the criticism, and i'm glad you were blunt with me, I listen more to people telling me how it is than people beating around the bush, so to speak. An the "i's" were just laziness, I went back in and got most of them (I hope) but ill read it again just in case I missed some. Honestly the reason I didn't favorite the original is also because I am an incredibly lazy person. I put it under read later, but when I finished the story I just sort of forgot to favorite. The original ending had me attempting not to break down, and distracted my mouse from the fave button. Again, thanks for your time to write your thoughts and I will try to incorporate your Ideas into my writing from now on.

I praise you for making a alterative ending to the A Puppet to Her Fame.
I like how you had Oct just break the strings around her and showing that she cared for Vinyl gave the strength she needed to fight against the Puppeteer to be with the one that made her happy.
*End Spoilers*

Oh, god you made my day with that ending. The original one was so sad, and this one lifted my spirits! Thank-you!

3998173 No problem, i'm glad you enjoyed it!:yay:

This was the ending that I wanted.

(have not read it yet)

I hope thy go to the princess and TELL THEM EVERY THING! then after Tia does some thing to at least ward off the hooks, she (being shocked at the depth of depravity) starts an investigation into the corruption amongst the noble and the cops and weeds out ALL the corruption. Because the corruption (to me) was just as tragic an element as any thing else in "A Puppet To Her Fame ". ( how many other Canterlot noble foals are being abused? how many other crimes and atrocities are being committed behind closed doors) :flutterrage: :fluttercry:

I also hope that Octavia's parent live and get a vary long, stern and righteous berating by Celestia. I think death was not a fitting nor harsh enough punishment. It would have bin better for them to have bin striped of land, title and every thing else that they maintained by selling an eldritch abomination their daughters life and body.

(the world should be made to know what they did to her)

oh I hope, I hope, I hope!

I just finished reading the original, and I was heartbroken. It did not end the way I wanted it to.

You ended it perfectly. You gave the ending I was desperate for. Thank you.

I give you the Holy Muffin award - second one I've ever given. The award for the stories that blow me away. The cream of the crop, purified. Thank you again for making this.


Hmm. Although I do like the original best, I liked this! Octavia's love for Vinyl was the thing that could finally break what had been torturing her. :pinkiesmile: excellent work.

I Like This Ending Better. Wonderful work!

6867408 Thank you so much! I'm sorry this is late, I haven't been able to get on in a long time, life gets to you. Anyways, I feel honored to receive your "Holy Muffin" award, thank you very much.


Even though Puppet was supposed to be a tragedy that was designed to leave you with a hole in your heart when you finish reading it (and god damn did it do that job perfectly...)

Ain't that the damn truth

The only issue I have isn't with your story, it's with your lack of paragraphing.


If any of these change you need a new paragraph. Person refers to speach as well. Since it's your first it's understandable but if suggest getting a proof reader.

Thanks for the feedback! Apologies for the late response, life gets to you and I haven’t had the chance to get on in a while. It’s been a few years since I wrote this and now that I look back on it there’s a lot I would have done differently. I’ve been planning to rewrite it for a while, but I’d definitely want to re-read the original first. My writing has changed (and hopefully improved) over the last few years and I’m sure I’d be much happier with the finished product if I gave it a thorough once over. Time seems to be the biggest issue right now to me doing any of that however.
Either way, ignore my rambling! Thank you so much for the feedback even after all this time.

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