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hi everyPony, my name is RainbowJack. I have been a brony from December 2010 and fell in love with the series because a friend of mine told me to watch it. i like the community that is here


Twilight sparkle was at home one morning when she got the distress letter from princess Celestia explaining that she had been keeping something secret from everypony, especially Luna about a line from the well known story "The Mare In The Moon." The line was "The stars will aid in her escape." Just who were the stars, what significance could they possible have, and what was Celestia's secret? All of these questions can be answered through the pages of Luna's diary that has been hidden for 1000 years. Twilight gains possession of the diary and goes through a sci-fi adventure watching Luna's past, learning more about Luna's transition from princess to Nightmare Moon, and the problems that caused it to happen

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Hello All,

I'm happy to say that this will be a start of a new story I will be making, I will try my best to make the second chapter longer. I do hope you ( the readers) like this short intro of my story

So good with so many possibilities

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