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Embershade wasn't an element of harmony, nor was she really anything beyond a normal Pegasus Pony. The only thing that made her special was that she was totally, inescapably, alone. When Discord offered her friendship, she could see no happy option but to agree.

After his defeat, Embershade struggles to fit in to the world she nearly cast into never ending chaos.

-edit- There's no sex or gore as of yet, however it is expected.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 8 )

Wonder if she would open herself to Celestia/Luna of the truth someday, tracking and thumbs up to see where this goes.

I... I don't think I like the way this chapter turned out- it seems kind of rushed, and I was mostly just improvising. SO, I would like to apologize to any of you that didn't like it. I will do my best to improve the overall quality of my work for future chapters, as well as potentially going back and redoing the former chapters. As a reader myself, I recognize and understand the fact that an unsatisfactory story can be a real let down and a waste of time, so in hopes of not only bettering myself but improving everyone's experience, I'd like to ask any who read this to give their opinion and any suggestions they may have.

This looks good actually, keep going.

313023 Oh, well... Thanks, brony. So I shall.

well, this was looking good and interesting
at least for the first two chapters, but suddenly, in chapter three, it crashed.... hard
I don't know if I'll keep following it...

389355 Yep. The glorious glory of writing while gloriously drunk. I'm working on something else, at the moment, and there's a good chance that this will simply get taken down. I botched it, hard.

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