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Michael Kyle and Alan Lee are two normal young men- Semi-successful musicians, fond of alcohol, pot, and ponies. While under the influence of all three, the two men find a way into Equestria, changing themselves into ponies- as well as changing something else about themselves.

Undecided Ships.

Chapters (3)
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Human in Equestria.
Two dudes turn themselves into mares. Okay.
I don't think I've seen this before.

All of my awesome :)

Oh! Wow, uhh. Okay! This is... Iiiiinteresting....
Tracking! :twilightsmile:

Obviously, there is the usual logic that whenever someone gets hurled into Equestria, they immedietly and always end up with the same, small group of mares that we call the mane six, but I think that for now I'll forget the unlikelyness of this and call it okay. Certainly different from most stories...

damn that one line in the beginning started making the song "red solo cup" play in my head. Damn you!!!!! :twilightangry2:

340807 Well, to be fair, the two got to pick where they'd end up in Equestria- they chose a field outside Ponyville that they'd seen Dash practicing in once or twice. Should I have specified that better? I'll be rewriting this once it's finished, so I'll add that in at some point.

when is the next one coming out:rainbowhuh:

342477 Later tonight, I hope. Working on it now.

good i cant wait:pinkiehappy:

Dude, this is most excellent!

Seriously, props, this is best human turned pony fic that I can think of that I read (maybe just cuz I feel like Mike an Alan could totally be me and my buddy. I had to legitimately call him up while I was readin this and be all like, "dude, I know how we're getting to Equestria. I read it in a fanfic, I'm pretty sure it's gonna work." But ya, you nailed something, there!)

So, like super-faved and have my internetz and stuff. (btw, why you have so many down votes?? This is well written and hilarious and awesome. Seems weird. Here, have another 1up!)

343196 Always glad to hear so much positive support! I don't mind too much- If people don't like the story, that's their right. I'm writing this as much because I enjoy it as I am for others to read and enjoy. As for your supposed correlation between you and my ponies, be wary- Mike (Synth, now) is more suited to being a girl than a guy, as he will show throughout the story, so I'd hate for you to feel like I was insulting you or your friend.

343227 That's cool to hear you're writing for you and people who like it and stuff, not getting bogged down from negative feedback, or whatever!

Also, s'cool. I'm totally a fashion student. Already there, bud! (And diggin it) lulz

Okay, well, I'd just like to say before I get the negative reviews and such, that I am not happy with this chapter. This chapter will probably be re-written before I even finish the story- the pacing is a little sloppy, I didn't handle the dialogue very well, and I'm sure there are at least a few grammatical errors. With all that in mind though, I can't help but think that this story's gonna get interesting.

its a good story:twilightsmile: and u are a good writer:rainbowkiss:

Breaking the 4th wall on your own much?



The fact that you acknowledged you're faults makes me like you more, I know there's some people that would put out sub-par material and say it's perfect. In my opinion it's good as it is, and if you can make it better than that's more than anyone could ask for.

When's the next chapter being released?

347636 Well, I'm glad that I don't come off as an arrogant jerk- I've been told that I am in the past. As for the release date of the next chapter, I'm hoping to have it out before I hit the hay tonight- Though, admittedly, I make the trip to dreamland rather late in the evening, so it's very likely that most won't realize it's been updated until the morn.

Weird Science + Ponies = Fuck if I know, but still awesome.

366160 Which ship? I haven't really cemented any ships yet.

366263 That was a quote from scottie in StarTrek... I meant that this is awesome and i love it -_-:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

366373 *palm meets face* I should've remembered that one- I remember laughing my ass off at that part. My bad, bro, and thanks for the support, hehe.

367690 No problem. I am easily the most tolerant person in my school. Except when I see people bullying others. Then I freak out.:pinkiehappy:

When's the next update coming out?

409650 Not gonna lie, the next update's being a bit of a bitch. Until I either; A: Overcome my Writer's Block or B: Get a sudden burst of inspiration, there's no telling when I'll have it ready. Not to mention that I'm being forced to help out with a friend's project, because she, too, is in a perpetual state of writer's block.

So, chances are, any updates will be after Easter, at the earliest.

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