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Titania and Oberon - Smartypantslover

Titania is Cadence's Oldest daughter Oberon is the son of Crysalis when they meet the worlds turn into caos as they struggle to find love together

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Oberon's Idea

Oberon woke with a start he couldn't remember what had happened to him or where he was. A young nurse drone was placing a wet towel over his head when she saw that he was awake she quickly gave him a bowl of water.

" Finally you're awake when the guards brought you in Mother thought you were dead. That must have been some spell that Shining Armor hit you with." Oberon looked around trying to find Puck. He remembered trying to save Puck from the hit, he also remembered the fear in Titania's eyes.

" Where is Puck he was with me when....Oh no Titania! I need to go back to Canterlot they'll take her away!" Oberon tried to get up but the world closed in around him. He fell to the black ground as the nurse rushed over to him

" Oh no you don't son, you can barely walk much less save someone. You're half alive you can save her when you're better. Who ever she is," The nurse picked him back up and placed him on the bed "and Puck never came back with the troops they said he went back to Canterlot saying that he forgot something."

Oberon knew he wouldn't be able to do anything in his state much less find Titania. He just hoped what ever Puck was doing it was going to be good.

" Titania I hope you are alright and Puck whatever you do, do not get caught." Sleep over came the changeling prince and he drifted off.

* * *

" Alright changeling who are you and what do you want?" Titania asked as she let Puck in she let her horn glow a light gold as he came near her. A wicked smile came across his face as he gladly began to introduced himself in his most favorite way

" I'm Puck the merry wanderer of the night and jester to Prince Oberon. I am feared in the forest and town. Sometimes I am a filly foal teasing a fat bean fed stallion or be mistaken for a three chaired stood and I will slip from her bum as she cries out making everyone laugh."

" So if I'm not mistaken you are also known as hobpony and you will either help or hurt me." She couldn't believe they way he changed his style of speaking its like he staged it.

" To hurt you I will not but to help yes I will for you see my Prince Oberon loves you." Puck vanished and appeared behind Titania as she tried to get close to him. Titania spun around to face him. Puck smiled now he had her attention. Titania's face was mixed with rage and surprise.

" You poor girl hit and marked by cupid's arrow but a fool one must be to see beauty in the beast." Titania tried to get near him again but he vanished once more and appeared on her poster bed.

" I don't love him he's a changeling for crying out loud and he will never love me he only feeds off of love, and since when you started to speak in a pattern?" Titania questioned deep inside that wasn't the truth for her she did like him he made her feel something deep inside of her she had never felt before,

" You stupid mare how can one not see true love in thy own eyes. Oberon loves you for when he saw you through this stone he see you." Puck pulled out the smooth stone from the cave he began to lightly toss it back and forth in his hooves and smiled as Titania stared at the stone with amazement.

" Is that a seeing stone? Where on earth did you get that they say they are only a few left in this world." Slowly she began advancing on Puck she wanted that stone, she wanted to see Oberon.

" If you want to see him all you have to do is ask for sweet Titania I will bring you and your Oberon together we will have merry nights and many revels on you and your Oberon's nuptiul day." Puck vanished once more leaving the stone on her bed.

"Fair you well nymph for you and Oberon shall have a merry night with true love's first kiss." Puck flew off before Titania could even ask him where Oberon was or if he was even alive.

* * *

"Shining we have to do something about him he can't just be allowed to wander around for all we know he can kidnap Titania and hold her ransom!" Cadence said Shining let out a sigh.

" We are doing everything we can but we still can't find her nest if we did we would storm it and take her hostage but we believe its hidden and no amount of magic so far is working not even Luna has seen anything from the night sky." Cadence sighed, she knew they both had one choice and one choice only.

" We could sent her to Andolusia where my cousin La Bella is living." Cadence suggested hesently. Shining let out a sight La Bella was the last mare he wanted getting near his family. Bella was jelouese that she wasn't an Alicorn and that her younger cousin was since then she held a grudge against the family and often times tormented Titania. Everypony stared at Shining wondering what is awnser would be

"Cadence we can't La Bella is the last person I want being near Titania much less caring for her in a time like this. We should try and send her back to home where Chrysalis won't be able to find her much less that son of her's"

" I will go with her " Luna said

" Luna do you think its wise to go know at a time a threat has been made against us?" Celestia asked greatly worried that her sister might be making a huge mistake leaving to go protect her neice.

" Tia do not worry for the night sky is always with me I will be able to keep a watchful eye on everyone from the night sky."

Author's Note:

Andolusia is modern day Austria in our world just in case you where all wondering.
Yes I had to throw in some good old Shakespeare words :P

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Great work cant wait for the next chapters :pinkiehappy: :yay::derpytongue2::rainbowkiss:

I was starting to wonder, when you where going to us Shakespeare.

Keep it up kommerade.

(Please let puck use Shakespeare when ever he speaks)

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