Titania and Oberon

by Smartypantslover

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Titania is Cadence's Oldest daughter Oberon is the son of Crysalis when they meet the worlds turn into caos as they struggle to find love together

Titania is the oldest daughter if Shining and Cadence and the next in line for the Crystal Empire but she doesn't want to be a ruler. Oberon is the son of the Changeling Queen he and his best friend Puck often play tricks on the ponies and never take things seriously until he meets Titania.


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Titania laid on the soft cloud high up in the night sky down below the Grand Galloping Gala was taking hold in Canterlot. Titania never enjoyed parties due to the fact that many had the rich snobs and many gentlecolts kept asking her if she wanted to court them. The moonlight was bright enough to allow her to see the trains of carragis that were bringing many ponies from every where. Titania used her wings to shape the cloud around her to for a flatter surface that allowed her to look down and enjoy the night time festivities from afar.
A loud cough was emitted from behind her, she turned her gaze away from the sky and she saw that one of her maids had found her. It was Butterfly an orange pegasus with black wings. Butterfly landed on the cloud and stood a good few feet from Titania and gave her a bow.

" Yes Butterfly?" Titania asked her blue eyes look directly into Butterfly's orange eyes Titania knew what she wanted to tell her

" You're mother wants you down their at once its time to adresse everypony. Oh and before I forget you're mother wants you in the dress that's on you're bed." Titania let out a sigh and got up her purple mane nearly touched the ground she took her hoof and pushed part of her mane back so it didn't get tangled up in her legs.

" Do I have to do this she knows how much I don't like the Gala's."

" I'm sorry but you're mother says you're nearly eighteen years old and that you should learn to like the Galas and she wants you to find a Husband soon you are next in line so you might as well just learn to like it." Butterfly snapped at her Titania was taken back by this she had never been yelled at by Butterfly her maid/foalsitter.

"I guess you're right Butterfly maybe I should just accept who I am." Her eyes became soft again and lead her down to the castle where the other three maids stood in wait. Rosebud began to comb her hair while both Feather and Appleseed began to shine her dark blue coat. Cadence entered her room and looked very happy with how her daughter looked.

" You look so beautiful Titania it makes me want to cry." Cadence said and hugged her daughter.

" Mother do I have to do this?" Titania asked her mother sighed but then smiled.

" When I was your age I never did like the Galas but I knew it was my duty to attend them. Please Titania you are the oldest out of the children please show them what it means to be a true princess." Cadence said "Oh and the Gala will be starting in a few minuets and you will be partaking in the opening ceremony." Cadence left and Titania never felt so sad in her entire life before.

" Well Titania that is everything do you want us to escort you to the ceremony?" Rosebud asked

" No Rosebud I just want to be alone for a bit before I have to go on with my duties." The four maids bowed and left Titania alone she placed her face in her hoofs and cried she wished she could stop being royal she wanted freedom she wanted to have fun little did she see the small Changeling with unusually wings peaking through her window smiling happily as he heard her thoughts and flew quickly out of sight towards a cave up in the mountians

* * *

Oberon was enjoying his evening he and his good friend Puck/Robin were getting ready to go to the Gala. For tonight was all about pranks, laughs and a good time. Oberon was not like other Changelings he hated stealing love and being so gloomy all the time but he loved a good laugh and loved stealing the love that the ponies gave him during the pranks so thus he wasn't stealing love rather they gave him the love. Robin flew into the cave nearly crashing into him as he was a very energetic changeling but today he had very, very happy for tonight could change everything for good or bad but Robin didn't care, good or bad fun will happen and some chaos will emerge from it.

" Ah Robin how are the festivities this evening are they dull as ever?" he asked as he straitened his jacket over his shoulders.

" No sir not this year but I did sky a Princess that needs to have a good laugh or rather a colt that would love her" He said the young extremly over energetic Changeling began to zip around and about changing the rocks and stones as he passed them for unlike any other changeling he has a bit of magic. This caught Oberon's attention for he had been dreaming to have someone to love him and for him to love back but unlucky for him many of the female drones in the hive were either nasty or just plane rude to him.

"Robin show me her." Robin pulled out a small clear stone and gave it to him the stone. Oberon looked in on it he saw a beautiful mare that was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Her deep blue eyes matched her coat, her mane a royal purple she was beautiful beyond his wildest dreams and better yet she was an Alicorn. Oberon saw small tears in her eyes as she made her way down the hall. Many colts tried to win her over with their looks but it was nothing more then an eye sore for her.

"Uhh Oberon we need to go the Gala is starting." His gaze left the stone the he changed himself into the black pony many people knew him as.

" Robin tonight well will have the best night ever! I will win myself a girl and you will have you're the best laughs ever!" Robin gave a a hoof bump and they both slid out into the night and began to enjoy the evening.

* * *

Many ponies came to greet Titania as the festivities took hold but none caught her eye all were either rude or snobs. The mane six came along with their children but nothing seemed to lift Titania's sadness. She happily greeted them but didn't bother for small talk with them as the princesses seemed to have their attention more then she did despite also being an alicorn. Titania felt a small tap on her shoulder she turned around only to came face to face with a black pegasu colt with white moon stone eyes she gave a slight blush and so did he. What Oberon saw through the stone was true she was beautiful and she smelled sweetly of roses.

" May I have this dance?" The strange colt asked Titania felt stunned beyond anything she had never seen him before and something deep inside of her began to slowly awaken. He raised his hoof and waited for her to take it Titania felt stunned never in her life had she met someone so kinda and also so handsome before.

".....Why yes...yes..." She voice began to sound dreamy as he lead her across the dance floor. Many colts jaws dropped as they saw Titania being led in a slow dance. Never once had anypony been lucky enough to talk to her yet this low life dared asked her to dance and she accepted!? Many colts thought.

" What is your name beautiful princess?" He asked as he dipped her slowly bringing his muzzle closer to her's

" Titania...whats yours?" She asked as he twirled her around with one hoof and brought her back into an embrace. He gently lifted her chin up and looked into her blue eyes.

" My name is Oberon" and kissed her gently on the lips as her father spotted her.

Puck's prank

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Outside in the palace gardens Puck was enjoying himself and many others with his pranks. So far he had caused three chairs to vanish from under ponies bums and twice made teapots spit tea in the tea drinker's face. As his pranks went on he spied Twilight Sparkle the newest of the alicorn family in the garden with her husband and son. Puck instantly thought of an amazing prank to pull on the kid, he quickly changed himself into a small tiger striped little kitten and began meowing loudly.

The young colt instantly went over to it as he did Puck jumped on top of his head. First the colt thought it was funny and tried to get the cat off but no matter how hard her tired Puck wouldn't let go. The colt began to frantically try to get the kitten off his head but Puck hung on. Soon the other ponies began to notice what was going to and tried to help him but the colt kept on screaming and running around causing massive mayhem. He ran into the ball room screaming and and tried to pull Puck off of him but he couldn't. Puck let out wicked cat smile as he hung on. The colt took little care to look were he was going and plowed strait into Titania and Oberon. The couple and the young colt toppled over into a tangled mess.

Oberon couldn't believe what has happened the stupid colt ruined his first kiss with his Titania, but all it took for his was one look to see who the cat really was. It was he ruined everything he planed on doing all with his stupid prank on the colt!

" Are you all right Titania?" Oberon soon refocused himself on her as she tried to get up but she buckled he quickly grabbed to prevent her from falling on her face. She looked up at him and smiled for the first time in a long time. His moon stone white eyes were soft and gentle this was his Titania and he wanted her to be his more then anything in the world.

" Yes I'm fine it just my little cousin knocked the wind out of me." He helped her onto her hooves and made sure she was alright. Her father had seen the whole thing and began to worry who this colt was.

" Titania! Are you all right and who is this?" Shining asked as he ran over. He had seen him kiss her and not only that every colt he and his wife tried to put her with a colt she rejected him yet he won her over. Shining looked over Oberon when he saw the slight tint of green in both his and the cat's eye he knew exactly what he was and who the cat is.

" I'm alright dad honest and this is Oberon," He gave Shining a bow and cursed under his breath this was the Stallion that mother tried to marry. For all he knew he might see right threw him and kill both him and Puck.

" Titania go to your room right now." Shining said as he placed a hoof in between her and him. Titania thought this behavior was strange ever for her father. He would have been thrilled to have somepony finally win her over but know he's acting as if though Oberon was a changeling. Titania tried to push her father out of the way to get to Oberon but he wouldn't budge at all.

"Why dad? He did nothing wrong!" She protested. But Oberon knew that the jig was up he nudged Puck with his hoof and Puck jumped on top of Oberon's head. Robin was still smiling at his prank and was lost in a wave of pure amusment at himself.

"Robin we're leave now they know" Oberon said to Robin in his head. He wanted to tell Titania the truth why he was here but no one would listen to him it's not his fualt his mother did this to them.

"Why boss" He asking he obviously didn't know how much of a jam they were in at the moment.

" Because Shining Armor knows who we are" Puck felt his fur rise and searched around the room to do something he looked up and saw the giant eight foot long chandelier. He got a idea that could help them both.

" Alright I make the chandelier explode and we both make a run for it." Oberon began to back away from Shining

" Look I don't know what I did wrong all I did was dance with her," Shining let out a snort and lit his horn into a lightning yellow color.

" That's exactly what you did changeling you danced with my daughter you aren't going to take her like your mother did to me this time none of you're kind will ever touch my family again." Titania screamed as her father shot a lightning bolt at Oberon. Oberon and Puck had the wind knocked out of them both only to realize that they both lost their desigses.

" Puck fly now go!" Oberon yelled and shoved Puck into the sky. Oberon dogged another bolt as it nearly hit him Titania was collapsed on the floor she was purely stunned at what she was seeing the pony she thought she loved was the one thing that nearly too over the empire.

" Shining I did not hurt your daughter! Stop it please I'm not like the others!"

" NO you are just like the rest of you're kind you all are them same you feed off of love you will never get near my daughter again" Oberon took one last look at Titania and luanched himself into the sky the last thing he saw on her beautiful face were tears of sadness. Puck grabbed Oberon's hoof when one last lightning bolt hit him he fell down to the forest with a thump that could be heard for miles. Shining turned and faced his daughter who was now in tears.

" Rosebud take her to her room and make sure it's changeling proof and I need ever guard on patrol and some to come with me we are not going to let him get away." Shining said the crowd was still stunned at the fact that the changelings were back.

* * *

Titania was helped out of her dress while her mother began to place a shield around the room for her own saftey and then she was left alone in her room she never had felt love before yet it was with a changeling. Questions began to flood her mind, did he truly like her and why did he say he was different from the rest of his family. A knock came came to her door.

" Who is it?"

" It's me Luna." Titania opened the door for her.

" Child do you know who that changeling is?" Luna asked her

" No I don't but when I met him I felt a spark between us" Luna shook her head as Titania said that

" You are wrong changelings can not feel love they have an empty chest no love can ever be upon them. For they only steal love they can not give it and with an alicorn the danger is much greater for if he even manages to drain just enough you become as helpless and a foal." Luna got up and began to head out.

" Your father is trying to hunt down the changeling boy but I have reason to worry that he might be her son from his apearence." Luna left and Titania felt her eyes flood with tears. She fell onto her crying slowly as she heard the hunter's party begin to move out into the forest where the boy was.

"Why,"She thought to herself " why is that when I finally found love it gets ripped from me and not only that but also destroyed." She tried to picture him before and after his forced change. But it was no use she kept on seeing his changeling form tears welted up in her eyes why didn't her father let him talk, why didn't he at least hear him out. Titania placed her head on the pillow and cried herself to sleep. Outside three changelings witnessed the whole thing from their prince causing the girl to fall in love and to him getting knocked out of the sky.

" Mother is going to be furious when she finds this out!" One hissed as they made their way out of canterlot.

" Nonsense not if she finds out he managed to get Shining Armor's Filly to fall in love with him" One nearly sang the other two looked at her and she quickly put her eyes down. But the other two thought about it for a moment and realized how much of an advantage it could have on them all.

" Ah their is Robin dragging our noble prince Oberon!" the thrid one said.

"Well, well ,well if it isn't Deadweed, Thorn, and Redfire." Robin spat at them Oberon was stunned and could hardly move anything in his body.

" Robin what happened he was so close to getting the girl?!" Thorn asked as they placed a stunned Oberon onto Deadweed's back

"He must have found out" Robin said going along with the story he wondered if mother really did notice him and Oberon sneaking out to go to the Gala.

" Mother is going to be please about this if he keeps this up we would have all of equestria and the crystal empire also!" Deadweed said happily " Lets get back to the hive and report back to mother maybe Oberon won't be a bad prince after all" Robin hung his head Oberon wouldn't want this at all he just wants a somepony to love and he might have just lost all hope with Titania. Robin began thinking on how he could fix this all when an idea hit it.

" I forgot something at the Palace I'll met you all at them hive." Before anypony could say anything Robin spun on a dime and bolted back towards Canterlot. He heard the guards flying up above him and the unicorns searching the ground. He kept to the shadows and pushed him self faster to the Palace. When he arrived he saw that one of the towers had a pink shield around it while the rest was open for all the world to take over.

"If I can just get Titania to see Oberon isn't like Mother them maybe I could end his sadness after all." Robin Thought as he quickly flew up to the Tower Titania was in. Robin thought his best bet was to ask her to let him in....unless she decides to sound the alarm instead. Robin raised his hoof and knocked on the glass, Titania looked up and saw the changeling with the split horn. Her eyes were red from crying. She paused for a moment and lit her horn and let the shield down.

Oberon's Idea

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Oberon woke with a start he couldn't remember what had happened to him or where he was. A young nurse drone was placing a wet towel over his head when she saw that he was awake she quickly gave him a bowl of water.

" Finally you're awake when the guards brought you in Mother thought you were dead. That must have been some spell that Shining Armor hit you with." Oberon looked around trying to find Puck. He remembered trying to save Puck from the hit, he also remembered the fear in Titania's eyes.

" Where is Puck he was with me when....Oh no Titania! I need to go back to Canterlot they'll take her away!" Oberon tried to get up but the world closed in around him. He fell to the black ground as the nurse rushed over to him

" Oh no you don't son, you can barely walk much less save someone. You're half alive you can save her when you're better. Who ever she is," The nurse picked him back up and placed him on the bed "and Puck never came back with the troops they said he went back to Canterlot saying that he forgot something."

Oberon knew he wouldn't be able to do anything in his state much less find Titania. He just hoped what ever Puck was doing it was going to be good.

" Titania I hope you are alright and Puck whatever you do, do not get caught." Sleep over came the changeling prince and he drifted off.

* * *

" Alright changeling who are you and what do you want?" Titania asked as she let Puck in she let her horn glow a light gold as he came near her. A wicked smile came across his face as he gladly began to introduced himself in his most favorite way

" I'm Puck the merry wanderer of the night and jester to Prince Oberon. I am feared in the forest and town. Sometimes I am a filly foal teasing a fat bean fed stallion or be mistaken for a three chaired stood and I will slip from her bum as she cries out making everyone laugh."

" So if I'm not mistaken you are also known as hobpony and you will either help or hurt me." She couldn't believe they way he changed his style of speaking its like he staged it.

" To hurt you I will not but to help yes I will for you see my Prince Oberon loves you." Puck vanished and appeared behind Titania as she tried to get close to him. Titania spun around to face him. Puck smiled now he had her attention. Titania's face was mixed with rage and surprise.

" You poor girl hit and marked by cupid's arrow but a fool one must be to see beauty in the beast." Titania tried to get near him again but he vanished once more and appeared on her poster bed.

" I don't love him he's a changeling for crying out loud and he will never love me he only feeds off of love, and since when you started to speak in a pattern?" Titania questioned deep inside that wasn't the truth for her she did like him he made her feel something deep inside of her she had never felt before,

" You stupid mare how can one not see true love in thy own eyes. Oberon loves you for when he saw you through this stone he see you." Puck pulled out the smooth stone from the cave he began to lightly toss it back and forth in his hooves and smiled as Titania stared at the stone with amazement.

" Is that a seeing stone? Where on earth did you get that they say they are only a few left in this world." Slowly she began advancing on Puck she wanted that stone, she wanted to see Oberon.

" If you want to see him all you have to do is ask for sweet Titania I will bring you and your Oberon together we will have merry nights and many revels on you and your Oberon's nuptiul day." Puck vanished once more leaving the stone on her bed.

"Fair you well nymph for you and Oberon shall have a merry night with true love's first kiss." Puck flew off before Titania could even ask him where Oberon was or if he was even alive.

* * *

"Shining we have to do something about him he can't just be allowed to wander around for all we know he can kidnap Titania and hold her ransom!" Cadence said Shining let out a sigh.

" We are doing everything we can but we still can't find her nest if we did we would storm it and take her hostage but we believe its hidden and no amount of magic so far is working not even Luna has seen anything from the night sky." Cadence sighed, she knew they both had one choice and one choice only.

" We could sent her to Andolusia where my cousin La Bella is living." Cadence suggested hesently. Shining let out a sight La Bella was the last mare he wanted getting near his family. Bella was jelouese that she wasn't an Alicorn and that her younger cousin was since then she held a grudge against the family and often times tormented Titania. Everypony stared at Shining wondering what is awnser would be

"Cadence we can't La Bella is the last person I want being near Titania much less caring for her in a time like this. We should try and send her back to home where Chrysalis won't be able to find her much less that son of her's"

" I will go with her " Luna said

" Luna do you think its wise to go know at a time a threat has been made against us?" Celestia asked greatly worried that her sister might be making a huge mistake leaving to go protect her neice.

" Tia do not worry for the night sky is always with me I will be able to keep a watchful eye on everyone from the night sky."