• Published 21st Sep 2013
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Titania and Oberon - Smartypantslover

Titania is Cadence's Oldest daughter Oberon is the son of Crysalis when they meet the worlds turn into caos as they struggle to find love together

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Titania laid on the soft cloud high up in the night sky down below the Grand Galloping Gala was taking hold in Canterlot. Titania never enjoyed parties due to the fact that many had the rich snobs and many gentlecolts kept asking her if she wanted to court them. The moonlight was bright enough to allow her to see the trains of carragis that were bringing many ponies from every where. Titania used her wings to shape the cloud around her to for a flatter surface that allowed her to look down and enjoy the night time festivities from afar.
A loud cough was emitted from behind her, she turned her gaze away from the sky and she saw that one of her maids had found her. It was Butterfly an orange pegasus with black wings. Butterfly landed on the cloud and stood a good few feet from Titania and gave her a bow.

" Yes Butterfly?" Titania asked her blue eyes look directly into Butterfly's orange eyes Titania knew what she wanted to tell her

" You're mother wants you down their at once its time to adresse everypony. Oh and before I forget you're mother wants you in the dress that's on you're bed." Titania let out a sigh and got up her purple mane nearly touched the ground she took her hoof and pushed part of her mane back so it didn't get tangled up in her legs.

" Do I have to do this she knows how much I don't like the Gala's."

" I'm sorry but you're mother says you're nearly eighteen years old and that you should learn to like the Galas and she wants you to find a Husband soon you are next in line so you might as well just learn to like it." Butterfly snapped at her Titania was taken back by this she had never been yelled at by Butterfly her maid/foalsitter.

"I guess you're right Butterfly maybe I should just accept who I am." Her eyes became soft again and lead her down to the castle where the other three maids stood in wait. Rosebud began to comb her hair while both Feather and Appleseed began to shine her dark blue coat. Cadence entered her room and looked very happy with how her daughter looked.

" You look so beautiful Titania it makes me want to cry." Cadence said and hugged her daughter.

" Mother do I have to do this?" Titania asked her mother sighed but then smiled.

" When I was your age I never did like the Galas but I knew it was my duty to attend them. Please Titania you are the oldest out of the children please show them what it means to be a true princess." Cadence said "Oh and the Gala will be starting in a few minuets and you will be partaking in the opening ceremony." Cadence left and Titania never felt so sad in her entire life before.

" Well Titania that is everything do you want us to escort you to the ceremony?" Rosebud asked

" No Rosebud I just want to be alone for a bit before I have to go on with my duties." The four maids bowed and left Titania alone she placed her face in her hoofs and cried she wished she could stop being royal she wanted freedom she wanted to have fun little did she see the small Changeling with unusually wings peaking through her window smiling happily as he heard her thoughts and flew quickly out of sight towards a cave up in the mountians

* * *

Oberon was enjoying his evening he and his good friend Puck/Robin were getting ready to go to the Gala. For tonight was all about pranks, laughs and a good time. Oberon was not like other Changelings he hated stealing love and being so gloomy all the time but he loved a good laugh and loved stealing the love that the ponies gave him during the pranks so thus he wasn't stealing love rather they gave him the love. Robin flew into the cave nearly crashing into him as he was a very energetic changeling but today he had very, very happy for tonight could change everything for good or bad but Robin didn't care, good or bad fun will happen and some chaos will emerge from it.

" Ah Robin how are the festivities this evening are they dull as ever?" he asked as he straitened his jacket over his shoulders.

" No sir not this year but I did sky a Princess that needs to have a good laugh or rather a colt that would love her" He said the young extremly over energetic Changeling began to zip around and about changing the rocks and stones as he passed them for unlike any other changeling he has a bit of magic. This caught Oberon's attention for he had been dreaming to have someone to love him and for him to love back but unlucky for him many of the female drones in the hive were either nasty or just plane rude to him.

"Robin show me her." Robin pulled out a small clear stone and gave it to him the stone. Oberon looked in on it he saw a beautiful mare that was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Her deep blue eyes matched her coat, her mane a royal purple she was beautiful beyond his wildest dreams and better yet she was an Alicorn. Oberon saw small tears in her eyes as she made her way down the hall. Many colts tried to win her over with their looks but it was nothing more then an eye sore for her.

"Uhh Oberon we need to go the Gala is starting." His gaze left the stone the he changed himself into the black pony many people knew him as.

" Robin tonight well will have the best night ever! I will win myself a girl and you will have you're the best laughs ever!" Robin gave a a hoof bump and they both slid out into the night and began to enjoy the evening.

* * *

Many ponies came to greet Titania as the festivities took hold but none caught her eye all were either rude or snobs. The mane six came along with their children but nothing seemed to lift Titania's sadness. She happily greeted them but didn't bother for small talk with them as the princesses seemed to have their attention more then she did despite also being an alicorn. Titania felt a small tap on her shoulder she turned around only to came face to face with a black pegasu colt with white moon stone eyes she gave a slight blush and so did he. What Oberon saw through the stone was true she was beautiful and she smelled sweetly of roses.

" May I have this dance?" The strange colt asked Titania felt stunned beyond anything she had never seen him before and something deep inside of her began to slowly awaken. He raised his hoof and waited for her to take it Titania felt stunned never in her life had she met someone so kinda and also so handsome before.

".....Why yes...yes..." She voice began to sound dreamy as he lead her across the dance floor. Many colts jaws dropped as they saw Titania being led in a slow dance. Never once had anypony been lucky enough to talk to her yet this low life dared asked her to dance and she accepted!? Many colts thought.

" What is your name beautiful princess?" He asked as he dipped her slowly bringing his muzzle closer to her's

" Titania...whats yours?" She asked as he twirled her around with one hoof and brought her back into an embrace. He gently lifted her chin up and looked into her blue eyes.

" My name is Oberon" and kissed her gently on the lips as her father spotted her.

Author's Note:

For those who have read a Mid summers night dream then you know the Characters and their personalities. But I'm mainly sticking to the fairy kingdom and kinda changing it up a bit placing it before Titania was ever married to Oberon and so this is kinda the back story to them both.