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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim's Twilight - Crimson Valor

After finding a peculiar spell, Twilight casts it only to end up in Skyrim. What will happen to the young unicorn?

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the province of Skyrim

Chapter 1: Welcome to the province of Skyrim

The sun starts to rise over the province of Skyrim, covering the land with its warm glow. The residents of all 9 holds start to wake up and start the ritual of their daily lives. But for one specific nord named, Javik’s, his life had taken an abrupt turn.

Being arrested, nearly kill attack by a DRAGON, escaping the ruins of Helgen with an Imperial Nord called Hadvar, running to the town called Riverwood and speaking with Harvar’s Uncle about what happened. Hadvar then asked Javik to travel to the hold Whiterun and plead the Jarl to send troops to guard the town from dragon attacks. Javik reached the hold and seeked the audience with Jarl Balgruuf the Greater who immediately sent troops to protect Riverwood. After that he asked if Javik could help his court wizard Farengar with a task that needed to be done.

After consulting with Farengar he asked Javik to seek out some sort of dragonstone from inside an old ruin. Seeing it as a quick way to make some septims he agreed, the Jarl set his up with some armour and a sword and shield. It wasn’t that hard to begin with, he got to the Ruins and killed bandit and draugr who stood in his way. He kept moving on until he reached a cave with some sort of wall with strange symbols on it. When he got close certain symbols lit up and strange light started to seep into Javik’s body and soul. To say Javik was confused was an understatement but he pushed the thought out his head and took the Stone. That was when a Draugr Overlord pulled itself out of his coffin and shouted at Javik.

This wasn’t some normal shout, this shout carried force with it. It pushed Javik against the wall with strange symbols on it, Javik knew he was outmatched here so he ran passed the draugr and ran out the dungeon continuing towards Whiterun with speed. He arrived back there and gave the stone to Farengar and was about to seek out the Jarl when his housecarl Irileth stopped him and instructed them both to follow her. Turns out another dragon had appeared and attacked a watch tower just outside Whiterun. The Jarl asked for Javik’s help again as he was the only person to get this close to a dragon. Javik agreed again and followed Irileth to the main gate. We now join Javik in the tavern named The Bannered Mare telling his tale to a group that was interested in the fight.

“So what happened when you got to the Tower? was the Dragon there tearing it up?” asked a Nord names Sinmir.

“Nah, the Dragon was long gone when we got there. All that was left was a tower that was barely standing up.” Javik replied after taking a drink from his cup of ale.

“It’s what happened next that I found out that I was different from everyone else”


Javik, Irileth and a detachment of Whiterun guards looked around at the sight. Seeing the tower is disrepair and chunks of stone littering the ground made some guard uneasy. Javik walked up the entrance ramp of the tower only to be greeted by another survivor of the attack “No! Get back! It’s still here somewhere Hrokhia and Tor just got grabbed when they tried to make a run for it!” the guardsmen fell to the floor during this and was helped back up by Javik and another guard.

Irileth wasted no time “Guardsmen, what happened here? Where is this so called “Dragon”? quickly now!” she demanded. Before the guard spoke up, a loud roar echoed towards the tower. Everyone was was now alert and scanned the skies for the dragon, when suddenly “DRAGON APPROACHING!” a guardsmen shouted, everyone's head turned to look as the dragon flew over the mountains heading towards the tower.Irileth shouted orders to every guard. Javik was staring at the dragon “ how in oblivion are we going to kill that thing, Javik thought of a plan and shouted to the surrounding guards “Use your bows, aim for his wing, make him grounded!” he ordered. Irileth glared at Javik for telling her soldiers what to do but refrained from commenting due to the plan.

When the dragon go into range, every guard started to fire arrows at his wings. Mostly just missing him, but the times the dragon hovered in mid air gave them the chance they needed. A few hundred arrows later and the dragon crashed to the ground, hurt not dead. Javik then spotted his moment and charged the dragon. Javik didn’t know what was happening, why was he charging a Dragon?! It was insane! But for some reason he had an urge, something inside of him lit up and burned with a fiery passion, one feeling taking over his senses...this dragon. Had. To DIE!.

When Javik got his sense he was standing on top of the now slain dragon, his sword embedded in the creature's skull. everyone was looking at him with awe...well Irileth was, everyone else had helmets on. The silence was when the dragon started to light up, Javik jumped off the beasts head and watched as it’s scales started to disappear from its body. All of a sudden the light shot out of the dragon and headed towards Javik, he flinched when the light hit him but relaxed when he notice it wasn’t harming him. His eyes shot open as knowledge of the dragon flooded into his head, suddenly the words from the stone wall became clear in his mind. After a few seconds more, he went limp and fell to the floor.

End of Flashback

The gathered audience inside The Bannered Mare look at Javik with open-eyed expressions. Until one kid who joined halfway through the story asked “So is it true? Are you the DragonBorn?”

Javik looked to the kid and messed up his head “Apparently, the Jarl seems to think so. He said that some monks who lives in the mountains called ‘The Grey Beards’ shouted for ‘Dovahkiin’, which is DragonBorn in Dragon speech. If I am this DragonBorn, I’ll know only from them. So starting tomorrow I’ll be heading over there” Javik said. Before any other questions got answered, Javik's newly appointed housecarl bursted into the tavern, causing everyone to jump “My Thane, the Jarl has requested your presence immediately” she said quickly and clearly. Javik’s face turned serious as he nodded to her as he put on his newly made iron helmet. After the heroic actions of Javik, he was awarded a new armour set, he now wore leather Studded Armour, Iron Gauntlets and Iron Boots. He also was wielding a steel sword and Iron branded Shield.

As the party of two arrived at Dragonsreach, the Jarl looked at them both “Ah DragonBorn, thank you for coming to quickly” Jarl Balgruuf said whilst leaning forward on his throne.

“No Problem, my Jarl” Javik replied, slightly bowing his head in respect.

“We have had report of bandit slavers kidnapping caravans coming from solitude. We both know what happens to the slaves of these bandits. I beg you to seek them out and deal with them as well as saving as many slaves as you can and bring them back here to treatment?” Balgruuf begged.

“Of course, where about are these scum hiding?”

“Not far, in an abandoned fort to the west of here.”

“It will be done” Javik promised as he turned and started to walk towards his goal.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the slight delay, I was hoping to get this out yesterday, but family matters got in the way. Also i'll be moving to Bolton tomorrow for university, so writing may become harder and harder to do. Thanks again for the views and what not.

This chapter is introducing the DragonBorn. I tried to stick the the games scripts and such, but i may have changed it slightly.

Next chapter we see where Twilight ends up (Although you can probably guess :raritywink: )

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i was planning to ask if your character was going to show up in this but i guess it's a little late for that, i'm interested to see how twi will react to skyrim dragons though

Dragonborn, not DragonBorn. Also, please try to use commas correctly.

Hmmm, could be good. You going to write more? :rainbowhuh:

When is the next chapter?

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