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After finding a peculiar spell, Twilight casts it only to end up in Skyrim. What will happen to the young unicorn?

Join Twilight as she makes new friends, make new enemies and tries to survive in a land where dragons roam free and terrorize the inhabitants.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro
The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim is owned by Bethesda.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 13 )

good so far

This fic SPARKLES my interests! Please continue because I can't give my opinion unless I see where is she gonna drop, who is she going to meet first and the reaction of people of Skyrim!

Only one character should speak in each paragraph; otherwise it doesn't read well

3175880>>3175867 Thanks for the positive comments :twilightsmile:

3177483 Thanks for the tips, I'll try not to do that in future chapters :twilightsmile:

BTW if anyone wants to help out by pre-reading any and all chapters of this story, it would be appreciated. All you need is a Google docs account so you can access it. Just send us a PM of your Gmail address and I'll send you a link.

i was planning to ask if your character was going to show up in this but i guess it's a little late for that, i'm interested to see how twi will react to skyrim dragons though

3180412 yeah... If only you made that offer before writing this one. I'm sorry to say that I cannot finish this chapter, there are just so many errors and things that don't make sense. Perhaps if you got someone to help you rewrite it before moving on, that would be best IMO.

Dragonborn, not DragonBorn. Also, please try to use commas correctly.

Hmmm, could be good. You going to write more? :rainbowhuh:

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