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I am the author of Evergreen. I might do other things in the future, but who knows. Evergreen is already gonna be quite the doozie.


A strange, new and friendly merchant comes to Ponyville in a bright white caravan. He brings peculiar healing potions, a joyous and social disposition, and a strange familiarity with many of the ponies in town. Twilight and friends spend the week that he is staying there to learn all they can about him, get to know him and otherwise make a new friend with a stallion from a far off land. Little did they know that behind this bright and helpful exterior, lied a mysterious and secluded past.

Chapters (7)
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Hey just thought I would start off the comments section with a question. Did you post this all at once?

3075594 Yeppers. I will admit that this is one of my first works, but I've finished this act and started the next (*cough* even though it took me 4 years and way to many read throughs *cough*)

twilight never told doc how celestia was doing

sweet apple acres was started by granny smith and her immediate family not applejacks parents

3328454 Meh, what can I say.
That part was actually written a while before that fact became the canon, and I just got too lazy to adapt.:twilightblush:

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