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I am the author of Evergreen. I might do other things in the future, but who knows. Evergreen is already gonna be quite the doozie.

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Following Doc's merciless failure at holding off these strange new foes, he fights back with a new level of brutal efficiency, but shows himself for what he really is in the process. Twilight and friends attempt an understanding of his position, learning of his unexpected past and just what situation they've been pulled into. Everything is changing at an alarming rate, and nopony knows just what to do. But as problems get solved and friendships are restored, a different, much larger dilemma waits for them on the horizon. A plan to stop these impossible stallions, by whatever means necessary.

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A strange, new and friendly merchant comes to Ponyville in a bright white caravan. He brings peculiar healing potions, a joyous and social disposition, and a strange familiarity with many of the ponies in town. Twilight and friends spend the week that he is staying there to learn all they can about him, get to know him and otherwise make a new friend with a stallion from a far off land. Little did they know that behind this bright and helpful exterior, lied a mysterious and secluded past.

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