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Zap was just a normal Pegasi living at Vault 74 along the Equestrian wasteland. He had never questioned the world he lived in and has never thought of the world outside. But when one of his friends want to leave the Vault it will kick start a chain of events that will change the outcome of the wasteland.

Join Zap and his friends as they embark on their journey through the wasteland to rescue Light the key to saving the Wasteland. There will be many dangers along the way. Will they survive the Bandits and the locals. Or does this wasteland and the mysterious Chaotic Theory have something more to hide. Something far more deadly then each other.

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Zap was just a normal Pegasi living at Vault-

Welp, there it is ladies and gentlemen.

I mean, I personally have no love whatsoever for the FO: E universe, but I still did read it so I wouldn't have blindly ignorant opinions. If I remember correctly, one of the MAJOR things involved the pegasi not coming from vaults, and all the pegasi retreating far above the cloud cover and sealing it up when the bombs fell.

Of course i'm throwing dust in a desert storm here; I can recall a number of FO: E fics using the same basis for their pegasus MC hailing from a vault despite it being incorrect in terms of canon.

And you're a bit off about another two things there:
1-Since it is singular, you would use "Pegasus."
2-In Fallout Equestria Kkat called them "stables", not vaults.

I'll stand aside for people who profess in grammatical editing to help you out with other more outstanding errors in your description, like your lack of proper, if any punctuation, and then allow them to move on and rifle through your story for any discrepancies.

:pinkiesick: You cant even stay cannon with the original for 2 paragraphs?! :facehoof:

Also they tend to use much more profanity instead of using things like crap.

I honestly think that would be up to the author's interpretation. It kind of bugged me when Littlepip went off on her colorful, but still rather inane cursing rants, but she was her own character and that was her 'quirk', so to speak.

Other ponies were shown to use standard profanity if I remember.

Author can't even get basic FoE canon correct... Author uses incredibly cliche intro...

Author is not an FoE author!


Actually, there were a small number of Stables built specifically for Pegasi and Griffons with a unique vertical design. They were all stripped of anything remotely usable by the Enclave by the time of the original Fallout: Equestria though.


Thank you for keeping in mind that this is a Work in progress. I'll need to read it again. I forgot how it went.


Personally I don't use profanity that often. Actually I need to read the fiction again. I get the Fallout game and FoE confused a lot. So I'll hide this for a while and hopefully come back.

Hm, I really don't remember that at all.

But if it happened, it happened...

It was mentioned in passing towards the end of the story.

Well you could start spacing the paragraphs.

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