• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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Play Time Part One

Sunset Shimmer found herself in a very profitable situation. She now had all the power she needed to crush Canterlot and Celestia with it at a single order. However, the cost of keeping control over these new powers was a bit too taxing for her at times. As per her agreement with Chrysalis, she had to be a "good sister to Pip". A simple task, really. But Sunset Shimmer was not well known for being a 'ponies-pony'. Still, she mustered what she could whenever the time arose... As little or embarrassing as it may be.

"Now Pip, let me explain how this game works," Sunset sat across from Pip on the floor of her private bed chamber, "I say a word, then you say a word starting with the last letter of the word I said. Got that?"

Pip eagerly nodded, his little hooves clapping against the floor with excitement. Finally, he was in Sunset's room and playing a game with her. He didn't care if he had no idea how this game worked or not. "Let's get started..." Sunset Shimmer thought for a second; an easy word, but not too simple, "Element."

"Toys!" The game was afoot!



"Servitude ends with an 'E', Pip..."

"Whoops!" Pip put his front hooves against his mouth, a little ashamed by his mistake.

When Sunset looked at Pip, it took a grand moment... But she started to smile with a sided degree of smug. "Well... I think we'll let that one go this time. So it's my turn again?"

Pip put his hooves down and smiled back with a gleeful nod to his big sister. "Yield."

"Discord!" The game was back on!



"I'm not sure that's a real word, but alright... Stealth."

"Ends with a "T" "H"... Home."



The game came to a quick halt. Their eyes looked into one another, judging the other. Before long, Sunset started clapping her hooves together, her smug smile turning to compassion. "...Well played..."