• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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My Big Bad Sis/My Little Loud Bro.

Dear Diary,

How are you? I am fine. Mummy gave me this little Changeling to record my words for me. I think she called him a 'scribe'. I call him Skim. He kind of does what Luna does for me when I write those stories Queeny says will someday undermine the fabric of civilization. Fan fictions, right? Anyway, where was I? Talking to diary, yes. Thank you Skim.

It's been about a year since I was taken in by Cap'n and Queeny, and I really like it here. Except dinner... Queeny has her chefs make all kinds of 'healthy food' for me. Blah. And I don't mean healthy food like apples, I mean 'healthy' food like lettuce spat on by her so it bubbles and burns down to just healthy stuff. It doesn't taste good at all. But, it's good for me... At least that's what mummy says...

I got some big news too! Did you know, diary, that Cap'n and Queeny gave me a big sister?! It's amazing! Out of nowhere Cap'n blows this wad out during a dry streak for us all and -psh- bangs and mash, Bob's your uncle, apples and pears, I got me a sister. Really, Cap'n and I found her in this weird world filled with these 'homeans'. She looked like on of them, but Cap'n could smell it on her. The scent of magic! I don't know what Cap'n talked to her about, but after their little chitter-chatter, she came with us.

Now let me tell you... She's toppers. I always wanted a big sister, and now I got one. She's sharp as a whip and quick as a tack. Or... is it the other way around. No, that's right. Since she moved in, we've had so much fun! I even found out her favorite game of all time is hide and seek. But, if you ask me, she needs to brush up on the game. I mean, she's great at hiding; but she's not that good at looking. Sometimes it takes her half of the day to even find me. Maybe I'm that good. Anyway, I really really like her. Did you know that she's a great comedian? Evey time I go to her room, she pulls the same joke on me. It's a good one too.

I walk in, than she tells me to go back out and knock (which is what you should do in the first place if you're not a pleb). So, I go out, close her door, and knock. Then, every time, she says "the room you are trying to contact is unavailable. Please knock again later". That's a real good one if you ask me. Gets me every time. I just wish everypony else could see how great she is. She told me that she and Ms. Sparkle don't see eye to eye. Which is too bad since I think they'd make great friends.

That'll be all I've got for now, Diary. I'll have Skim tell you more next time. I'm going to go try and spend time with my big sis. BYE!

Log entry,

After nearly two years of living with those horrible hands and worthless limbs, I feel finally natural with my horn's magic writing my words. It feels like returning from vacation to your own room; the trip was nice and you gained a lot of enjoyment from it, but there is no greater enjoyment than the kind your own domain gives you. Even so, I can't say I really enjoy this knew home of mine. Then again, anything beats having to live among those filthy humans another day. Even a life with insects like these Changelings is a step up... A small step.

I would have said anything to get that Twilight out of my world, even swallowing my pride and summing up tears of 'pity' to get away. Granted, eight-hundred and so-and-so days of having to repair and be 'good' to all of those lowsome teens was more than enough punishment I think. But, it gave me time to think... Time to reflect on all of my past misdoings. And you know what? I learned something... I was aiming too short and left too many gaps in my plans. Next time, I will be more prepared.

From the promises of that twisted creature, I can be assured a great deal of help in my plans. Now I have a real army; real power; real goals and real resorces to get to those goals. When the time comes, I will make Twilight Sparkle pay for everything she did to me! I WILL HAVE REPAYMENT!

But... Before I can do any of that, I was given a stipulation... Pipsqueak. The armies, the power, the resorces; all mine... On the condition I be a 'good sister' to Pipsqueak. I was given a very tight leash. Five strikes a month is all I'm allowed before they throw me back through the portal and leave me with those humans again... Powerless. I can't go back, I burned too many bridges on my way back here. As long as I'm good to that little brat, I will soon get my hand--hooves on everything I need to exact my revenge.

All in good time. Although, if I can be very honest with you, there are a few things I will miss from that world. Namely my leather jacket. And of course the taste of hamburger... Mmm... Beef. I'll have a talk with the Crone about suplying me with leather and beef. I know it sounds sick as well as weird, but I really miss the that feel and that wonderful, mouthwatering taste... Just a little nibble is all I need. But first, I'll have to 'play' with the brat. He should be trying to come after me any minute now.

Until I update, log end.