• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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Special: Sunset's Song.

"Sis! Can I please come in!" Pipsqueak pounded away at the other side of Sunset Shimmer's door.

"No! Get lost! I'm busy!" She shouted back with a snarl.

A little time passed before Pipsqueak gave up and stalked away in his defeat. Sunset paid careful ear to the little colt's steps... Softer... Softer... Gone. He was finally gone and Sunset flashed her horn's magic on, plucking from the side of her bed a guitar. She tuned it for a second, plucking at the strings with the invisible control of her magic over the guitar. Once it was set, she hummed to herself a short bar before starting to play the guitar along with her.

Little Pippy,
I remember when I first came here,
Then I met you, little brother, such a dear.
Even though you make me mad,
You are still just mine,
Little brother,
'Cuz I'm stronger,
We're together, and you're kind.
Even when Queeny yells at me,
You will always stand by,
Little brother,
'Cuz you're stronger,
We're together, and you're kind.
Little brother,
Little brother,
Little brother.

"Shim? Are you playing a guitar in--"