• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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The empire of the Changeling horde had long since been a bastion dedicated to the image of horror and fear. Large, looming towers with jagged, black spikes jutting out from rooftops and side-walls. Links between builds were only made to look like inky black slides of stone that dangled black spires over the trenches between buildings. However, very recently, the Changelings were forced to build something outside of their skill range. A simple tower made of wood, stone, and binding spit. They were told to use plaster, but they didn't know what that was... The tower was made to house the 'civil quarters'. An area just for the queen's two special guests.

Inside the tower, if you didn't look out into the hell-hole around you, it looked and felt like a Canterlot home... Only with more black and less white. It was well tended to by order of the queen, making it for one of the more luxurious sites in the empire. It was in there, early in the morning, that Sunset Shimmer crawled down the stairs and picked the crust from her eyes with tugs of her magic. She walked across the main room of the tower and entered the kitchen, half awake but awake enough to know how to pour cereal. A bowl was brought to her along with a box of "Lucky Elements" by her magic's pull. Her magic pulled the box open and tilted it to it's side, guiding the cereal to pour out... But nothing came.

Sunset Shimmer opened her eyes a bit more, surprised by the lack of sound coming from her actions. She turned the box over all the way, trying to make something fall out; but nothing did except the puff of an empty cereal box. Slowly, the box started to crumple under Sunset's magical grasp, the cardboard of it cracking and bending in while Sunset started to growl lowly. "Pip..." she snarled lowly, letting the empty box fall against the kitchen floor, "If you're going to empty the box... DON'T LEAVE IT IN THE PANTRY!"

When Sunset screamed, Pip came scurrying out from the fridge behind her with a little trip in his steps. "I also drank all the orange juice! Sorry!" he yelled back to her as he escaped up the stairs and made way to his room.