• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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Merry Hearth's Warming.

Dear Santa,

Wow. This must be my tenth letter to you this month. I'm sorry, I just worry you never get them. In case you do, they're always different. But, you would know that already if you already get all the letters, wouldn't you? Even if you didn't, you'd know. Your Santa, you always know. You know when I'm naughty, when I'm nice, and when I have moral dilemmas standing on the line that my mommy and daddy drew for me. I have big shoes to fill... But they aren't nice shoes, are they?

That's why I wanted to write this letter, Santa. I heard that Rumble and Twist both asked you for that new "PWN Station", and I wanted one too. But, and you already know this probably, I changed my mind. Playing with my friends would be nice. Even more nice because I live so far away from Ponyville these days. But, instead of a toy or something, I want to make a wish. You do that, right Santa? Your magic. You can grant any pony's wish with a wave of your... Horn? Do you have a horn? Never mind, I guess how you do it isn't important. What matters is that I really have a wish for you. It's a wish that, when you grant it, you NEVER need to visit me again for as long as I live... I'll still be a nice colt, promise.

So, my wish... It's actually a bit of a three part wish. But, the end of it is what I really want. First, I want Cap'n to get along with the princesses. He told me they used to have fun together. I don't know if he means normal friendly-fun or crazy-Cap'n-fun; but maybe they could still be nice to each other. If they got along, maybe Cap'n wouldn't be so "grinchy" every Hearth's Warming to them. Second, I want my mum to see herself -not how she looks at herself- but how everyone else does. I don't know how the other ponies in town see her, but if it is anything like how I see her, they see the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria. If she saw how beautiful she looks, maybe she'd be a little nicer. Finally... My sister. All I want for her is... Well, you already know that, don't you? It's been in every single letter of mine for the past three months. Just, please, she needs this.

If you can give this to my family, I would be the happiest pony in all the world. Because I know that for one day, they'll know how happy I am when I have them around. They're my family... I would never ask for anything except for their happiness.

Thank you Santa.



Dear Imaginary-Corporate-Symbol-of-Greed,

I do not believe in you. Nor do I have any delusions that your merchandising order of fat-cats would care a bit about a simpering plea. However so, I do know you are at least living creatures with some semblance of humanity. For that reason alone, I demand you listen to what I have to say. I have a twisted, controlling mother. I have a wasteful, unreliable father. And to top it all off, I have a caring, idealistic brother. In his eyes, your greed is some form of charity and kindness. To be young and blind...

Nevertheless, because of his ideals, he thinks you will somehow produce a gift for him under our holiday tree...

Listen... I am a proud mare. But I am nowhere near proud enough to be above kissing your hooves and begging for one simple wish. Make my brother happy... Make my family happy. And if you fail to do this for him, I will find you... I will hurt you... I will ruin you... Then I will end you...


Sunset Shimmer.