• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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The Quest Part 1


"What do you want, Pip? Can't you see I'm trying to reminisce about my old life?"

"Actually, no... Ya' slammed the door in my face 'fore I could get in."

"Do you have a point to bothering me?"

"...What's steak?"

"What's steak...? Heh... If only you knew... You couldn't hope to understand the beauty of steak, leather jackets, and a meat lover's pizza. It's something you can only experience to really understand it. Putting it into words is just a fool's errand. Which I'm not taking the time to deal with. So, if that's everything--"

"What if I could get you there?"

"...Get me where?"

"'Ome! Where we found you. That world be'ind the mirror thingy. What if I went with you there an' we could find a steak?"

"...Pipsqueak Discordia-Swarm... If you do really have a plan..."

"Let's say that I do..."

Author's Note:

Anyone up for a little spin-off story about them going to the other world on the quest for steak?