• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. - overlord-flinx

Pip tells the story of how he and his new sister, Sunset Shimmer, became 'the best of friends' in his compelling diary entry. On the same end, Sunset Shimmer gives her own feelings in her logbook.

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Babysitter Part Two

The Laws of Nature are absolute. There can be no room for deliberation, no manner to misconstrue their meaning, no escape from their omnipresent control of every and all things. While The Laws of Nature are spoken in many tongues, their translation is universal before any are actually spoken.

What comes up, must come down. Some misunderstand this to be a fundamental law of gravity. No. It is one of the Laws of Nature.

Do not wear white after Labor Day. Nobody knows where it started, but it is a Law of Nature. Question it at your own peril. Break it at the expense of your own social suicide.

These and many others are what govern all. They grant us structure and reason where there was none once.The gift us a sense of community, where we once were divided and still are. Yet, all walks of life may look into another's eyes and know that the one they look to in this moment believes in the Laws of Nature. For without them, all would fall into complete chaos with no hope of sanity.

"Cap'n said that's 'ow the games played!" Pipsqueak huffed so his youthful cheeks would puff up as much as they could in a pout.

His babysitter was not impressed. Just like how she wasn't convinced by Pip's backwards reasoning. The chess board they had placed between them was nearly cleared of both Pipsqueak's black pieces and Sunset's white pieces, but the game was nearing its climax as both white queen and a bishop held the black king against a wall in an clear checkmate. No matter where Pipsqueak moved next, his king would meet his horrid end at the plastic figure of either a queen or her bishop. However, Pipsqueak had an ace up his sleeve.

True Chess dictates that a King is able to move twice in a single turn once per game. This would allow Pip to take Sunset's queen and escape defeat; his own pieces ready to deliver Sunset a sweet defeat the moment he escaped danger.

"You're taking Discord the lord of chaos and inventor of the 'thumb-war to decide all tiebreakers' word on this?" Sunset Shimmer desperately tried to sound shocked, but she knew Pipsqueak well enough already and her dry tone swept over instead.

"S'wrong with a thumb-war tiebreakah?" Pipsqueak cocked his head.

"He's the only one with thumbs!"

For a moment, the idea had to sink in to Pipsqueak. Sunset Shimmer watched as her little charge brought his hooves up to look at, bending them back and forth just to make sure there weren't tiny fingers hiding at the base of his hooves. Watching the mindless yet adorable action made Sunset snicker a bit, cracking a smirk in the process.

"Ain't that somethin'..." Pipsqueak remarked with wide-eyed surprise.

"With that earth shattering revelation under your hat, do you maybe think Discord could've been making up a rule with the whole King thing?"

Pipsqueak's hooves dropped to rest on the table, his eyes transfixed now on the defenseless king he was supposed to protect. He was careless in his service, resting on this last ditch plan as the whole idea of his plan. Yet here he was, beaten. This loss was entirely on him now, and he knew it. With a proud nod, Pipsqueak raised his head high.

"Ya' got me there, sis." With a little flick of his hoof, Pipsqueak toppled his own king.

"It's the right thing to do, Pip."

"Now I'm all a fluttah' what else Cap'n cheated me on," Pipsqueak returned to his huff, "Maybe that's 'ow Cap'n always win 'gainst me an' Queeny doesn't."

"Eh, something like that..." Sunset's horn flickered yellow as she commanded all the chess pieces to return to their original positions, "Wait... You beat Chrysalis at everything?"

"Mhm. She lets me know when I won. Sometimes I don' even know when I do! Like when we play Monopoly, she tells me I win when I land on the parky-car."

Sunset simply nodded along with Pipsqueak, a forced smile stretched across her face. Great. One parent always cheat to win, the other cheats to lose. Somehow, making up rules to board-games almost seems too petty for the lord of madness and the queen of deceit. Then, she remembers... No father wants to be beaten by their son, and no mother wants their baby to cry. And more over, there is no level of petty that's too low for them.

"You wanna be the thimble?"

She did want to be the thimble.