• Published 11th Aug 2013
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Hitler In Ponyville - AdolfHitler

A fanfic where Adolf Hitler and his enemy Hermann Fegelein have to go back to Berlin THIS IS BASED OFF OF HITLER RANTS PARODIES NOT THE REAL HITLER

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Chapter 3: Explanation (unfinished going to be done by September 21st latest)

After Twilight explained Ponyville to Hermann, she gave Hermann a tour. She showed him all the big name stores, such as Pinkie's cake shop, Sweet Apple Acres. "So what brings you to Ponyville, Hermane?" Twilight asked putting emphasis on her new name for Hermann. "I'll tell you back at the library." Hermann responded. After the short tour, Hermann and Twilight made their way back to the library.

Adolf looked at Fluttershy. He didn't recognize the yellow Pegasus that was standing before him, until now. Adolf had so many questions to ask her. He wanted to know everything about his favorite pony's life. Adolf began having a long and deep conversation with Fluttershy. He secretly had feelings for her, yet he knew that she was a cartoon character, and he would never express his love for her. Adolf knew that his time was now.

Hermann explained his antic ways and how he fell into some portal.

Author's Note:

I have had too much to do. I have school work and shit like that. may not be done for a lil bit :/

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Way to go, Fegel-tard!

Hitler x Fluttershy OTP

vcddjddjgyg:pinkiesick::fluttershysad::rainbowwild::unsuresweetie::rainbowderp: I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!

This is good shiz m8, mind if i make a story based off of this one?

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