• Published 11th Aug 2013
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Hitler In Ponyville - AdolfHitler

A fanfic where Adolf Hitler and his enemy Hermann Fegelein have to go back to Berlin THIS IS BASED OFF OF HITLER RANTS PARODIES NOT THE REAL HITLER

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Chapter 1: Antic gone wrong

As usual Hermann Fegelein was pulling antics on the führer, Adolf Hitler. This antic was going to be: while Hitler was out, Fegelein was going to dig a hole into the ground and when Hitler came in, he would fall into it. "This is a fool proof plan" Fegelein thought." there's no way the old man will know what hit him" While Fegelein was drilling he saw a blue round circle. He knelt down to see what it was. When Fegelein knelt down, he put his finger in the blue substance.

"Awesome a puddle" he thought. Fegelein didn't dig down any further, he just simply covered up the substance with a tarp and set up a video camera.

Sooner rather, than later, Adolf came home. He stepped into the bunker and Fegelein ran to the scene. "welcome home Mein Führer." he said.
"Fegelein, what antic are you pulling now?" Hitler asked.
"Nothing Mein Führer." Fegelein responded.
Hitler walked over to the fridge, where Fegelein dug the hole and as soon as he stepped a foot in front of the fridge, he fell. "DAMN" yelled Fegelein, as he knew he didn't dig the hole THAT deep. Fegelein lifted the tarp, still hearing Hitler's screams of terror, and looked inside it. As he was bending down, he took one step away and realized, his shoelaces were untied. But by that time, it was too late. Fegelein fell down the hole as well.