• Published 11th Aug 2013
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Hitler In Ponyville - AdolfHitler

A fanfic where Adolf Hitler and his enemy Hermann Fegelein have to go back to Berlin THIS IS BASED OFF OF HITLER RANTS PARODIES NOT THE REAL HITLER

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Chapter 2:Arrival in Ponyville

Within an hour, Adolf woke up. He stood up, until he realized he couldn't keep his balance on two legs. "what the fuck is going on now?" Adolf asked himself, angrily. "Why can't I fucking stand up?" At that moment he saw a light. Adolf ran towards the light, Adolf ran towards it, obviously thinking it was civilization. He was correct. Adolf came across a small little town called Ponyville. Adolf decided to hide in a bush and peak out of it and then he saw a bunch of ponies. The ponies were walking and talking, despite it being night. Adolf screamed and all the ponies were looking at Adolf as if they were about to say 'what the fuck' and Adolf ran into a forest. In the forest he ran SMACK face first into a nice little cottage.

Hermann woke up about a mile away from where Adolf did. "Awe shit, my fucking head," Hermann muttered to himself. "where the fuck am I?" Hermann tried to stand up on his two feet, but suffered the same fate as Adolf. "Shit bro, I can't fucking stand." Hermann spied around to try to see where he was. No luck, Hermann had only some vague memories, and a nagging sense that he was in a cartoon for children. Hermann walked around on all four legs until he saw a pond. He looked in the pond and saw his reflection. Hermann nearly shit bricks. "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!!! I AM A FUCKING HORSE" Hermann was a pink Unicorn with an SS badge as a cutiemark. On the SS badge said the words 'Antic Master.'

Adolf Got up off the pavement. "Holy shit!!!! What the fuck is going on?!?!?"
"What is wrong, sir?" asked a quiet voice." You look quite new around here."
"Where in the holy fuhrer am I!?!?!?" shouted Adolf at Fluttershy. This startled her and she ran back in her cottage. Now desperate to find out who this strange pony was, Fluttershy walked out the door, quietly and tried to comfort a now frightened Adolf. "Do you want to come inside for some tea?" Fluttershy asked. Adolf nodded. Fluttershy gave Adolf the basic tour of the house. After the tour Adolf asked "Hey, can I use your bathroom?" Fluttershy reluctantly responded, yet did in a polite manner "yes it's the first door on the right." Adolf passed a mirror he didn't notice during the tour. He realized something, HE WAS A PONY!!!!

Hermann finally got passed the fact that he was a pony. It took some long struggling, but he got over it. Hermann then strutted around Ponyville looking for a reason why he was there. Upon his adventures, Hermann found a nice purple unicorn. "Hey, what's your name?" Hermann asked with his Fegel-charm.
"Well I'm Twilight Sparkle. Are you new here?" She then responded. Hermann didn't know how to respond. He simply did by hesitantly saying "uhh... yeah. I am Hermann"
"Hermann?" Twilight said aloud. "Strange name. Your name should be Hermane."
"Hey! Don't fuck with the antics master!" Hermann said sternly.
"Sorry, I just thought that you would fit in better with a name like 'Hermane' instead of 'Hermann,' I am only trying to help." Twilight said pitifully.
"Oh alright. Hey Can you tell me some things about this place?" Hermann asked with genuine curiosity.

Adolf Screamed to the top of his Aryan lungs. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!?" Fluttershy ran over. "Is there anything wrong, Adolf?" She said in her usual shy tone.
"I'M A MOTHER FUCKING HORSE!!!!!" Adolf responded as loud as he could.
"No you're not. You are a pony." Fluttershy said. Hitler was cheered up by this fact. He totally forgot his love for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Hitler was always a closet brony. He'd never let anyone know. Not even his loyal Goebbels. "Oh shit! I love ponies." Adolf responded. Adolf only had one question. How did Fluttershy know Adolf's name? "Just two questions to you. How did you know my name? And What is your name?" Adolf did know Fluttershy's name, he just didn't want her to be suspicious. "I'm Fluttershy. I found your name on your badge on your shirt."