• Published 27th Jun 2013
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A Bushel of Apples - dramatic_spoon

Slice of life stories staring Big Macintosh and his alternate universe offspring

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Guess Who's Back?

Big Macintosh trotted through Ponyville, followed by Apple Cinnamon, Golden Gem and Sparkling Cider.

“Alright, you all got your lists, right?” the stallion glanced back at the fillies, who nodded, “Then go an’ do what ya gotta do.”

“Alright dad.” The three responded before splitting up.

Sugarcube corner

Apple Pie and Apple Cake slowly walked out of the kitchen carrying platters of baked goods on their heads. Mr. Cake followed them out, an uncertain look on his face.

“Repeat that again, Honey Bun?”

“Apple Pie is Pinkie’s cousin and Apple Cake is my aunt’s niece’s daughter,” Mrs. Cake chided him as she exited the kitchen, “They’re staying here for now.”

“…Alright, I’m going to go work on Ditzy’s order.” The stallion turned back into the kitchen.

“Aunty Cup Cake?”

“Yes, Apple Pie?”

“Wouldn’t your aunt’s niece’s daughter be your kids?” the filly cocked her head to the side, dropping pastries onto the ground.

“Yes, they would be, now clean that mess up.”


Apple Pie slid the remaining pastries into the display case and wandered off to find a broom as Apple Cinnamon trotted in.

“Hi Mrs. Cake.”

“Oh hello, dearie,” the baker greeted the filly, “you’re here for the cake?”

“Eeyup,” the pegasus filly nodded.

“Hi Cinnamon!” Apple Cake greeted her half-sister.


“I’ll be right back,” Mrs. Cake trotted into the kitchen, as Apple Pie dragged the broom and dustpan out.

“Hi sis!” the filly dropped the broom into the pastries, splattering icing and filling over the floor.

“Here you are dea-” Mrs. Cake stepped into the splattered pastries, tossing the package up as she slipped. Apple Cinnamon quickly flew up and snagged the package before it could fall down.

“Got it, Mrs. Cake.”

“Good catch dearie,” the baker got back onto her hooves and looked at the mess. Apple Pie broke out into an awkward smile as Mrs. Cake’s gaze fell on her.

“I’ll clean it up, I promise.”

“I hope so,” Mrs. Cake scolded the filly before turning her attention towards Apple Cinnamon, “Well, you best be on your way dearie, if these two finish cleaning up before then, I’ll send them to you.”

“Thanks Mrs. Cake.”

Apple Cinnamon landed and exited the bakery.


Golden Gem pushed open the door, catching Thunderlane’s attention.

“Oh, hey kid.”

“Hi uncle Thunderlane!” the filly beamed, “Is my mom here?”

“Yeah she is, she’s finishing up the y’know.” Thunderlane jerked his head towards another room, “Giver her a bit longer to finish it.”


The filly sat next to Thunderlane.

“…So, who do I end up with?” Thunderlane inquired, “I mean if Rarity ends up with Mac, who do I end up with?”

“…I dunno,” Golden Gem shrugged, “I think you live in Cloudsdale, because Rumble and Aunty Sweetie Belle got married.”

“Really?” Thunderlane scratched behind his head, “Huh, all this time I thought he had a crush on Apple Bloom.”

“Dear, it’s an alternate universe for a reason,” Rarity trotted into the room, “Hello Gem.”

“Hi mommy,” the filly leapt to her hooves, “Daddy sent me to pick up the thing.”

“Ah just a moment, I was putting the finishing touches on it.”


Rarity spun around and went back to her work. Sweetie Belle came down the stairs and noticed the two ponies.

“Hi Mr. Thunderlane, Hi Gem.”

“Hey kid.”

“Hi Aunty Sweetie Belle!” the filly beamed at her.

“…I’m never going to get use to that,” the filly rolled her eyes.

“That makes two of us kid,” Thunderlane chuckled.

Rarity entered the room, levitating a package.

“And here it is dear,” Rarity smiled as the package landed on Golden Gem’s back, “Best that you be off.”

“Thank you mommy. Bye everypony!”

Golden Gem left the shop.

“I’m going to go hang out with Scootaloo and Applebloom,” Sweetie Belle frowned, “But Apple Jam keeps trying to play with us. She said her dad’s Big Macintosh, but who’s her mom?”

Rarity and Thunderlane quickly exchanged an awkward glance, “You’ll find out one day, kid.”

“…alright.” Sweetie Belle trotted off with an odd look on her face.


Sweet Apple Acres
Inside of the barn

Acey and Golden Sweet trotted out of the barn, carrying bales of hay on their backs. Stratos and Garden Royale swept the floor as Bellona and Nova attempted to hang decorations on the walls.

“More back!”

“If I go any more back, it will rip!” Nova shot back.

“More to the left,” Bellona grumbled.

“WE HAVE THE SAME LEFT!” Nova yelled. The barn roof shook, sending bird nests and loose wood toppling to the ground. Everypony glared at Nova, as he meekly tacked the banner onto the wall and landed. The alicorn sulked off as Midnight Bliss, Idun and Oscura watched.

“I do not act like that, do I?” Bliss asked the other two.

“Not that I have noticed,” Idun shrugged.

“…No,” Oscura mumbled, “…I’m going to put these ones up.”

The unicorn wandered off, levitating several other decorations behind her.

“She doesn’t like to talk much, does she?” Idun shook her head.

“Nope,” Bliss shook her head.

“We probably should do something about that,” Idun frowned, “But then again she might not like that.”

“Eeyup,” Bliss nodded, “She seems to get along with Royale and Fantasia though.”

Oaken Shield, Apple Jam, and Scarlet Tornado struggled to drag a table into the barn. As Oaken Shield and Jam pulled the table, Scarlet struggled to push it.

“Push harder!”

“I am!” Scarlet yelled back, “Carson! Stratos! Get over here and help me push it!”

“Alright.” The red pegasus trotted over.

“I’m not done sweeping yet.” The blue pegasus yelled back.

“Just put the stupid broom down and get over here!”

Stratos rolled his eyes and flew over, landing next to Scarlet and Carson.

“Alright, push!” the mare yelled.

The five ponies strained against the table, barely able to budge it. Idun and Midnight Bliss continued to watch them, as Oscura joined them.

“Should we help?” Midnight Bliss asked the others.

“Probably,” Idun nodded, “Oscura, can you use your magic too?” The princess nodded in response.
“Alright, let’s do it.”

The three princesses went over and focused their magic on the table.

“Keep pu-”
Scarlet Tornado, Carson and Stratos landed flat on the ground, as Apple Jam and Oaken Shield catapulted forwards. Bellona dived down, catching the unicorns.

“Thanks.” Oaken Shield thanked the hybrid.

“No problem.”

The three princesses trotted further into the barn, levitating the table with them.

“Put it down here,” Oaken Shield instructed them, pointing towards the middle of the barn

“Got it.” Idun nodded.

“We had it!” Scarlet yelled at the others.

“And we sped it up,” Idun countered, “Go get the chairs and stuff.”

“Whatever,” The pegasus flew out of the barn as Acey and Golden Sweet returned with candles.

“…What’s her problem?” Acey frowned

“I don’t know.”

The Apple’s Kitchen

Center Stage pulled several battered fruits and vegetables out of a deep fryer, and set them onto a paper-covered plate. In another part of the kitchen, Fantasia cut up other fruits and vegetables to make a salad.

“You got the platters ready?” Center Stage called out.

“Almost, not quite done here yet,” the princess began to create two salads, arranging the lettuce, spinach, red onions, grapes, apples, candied walnuts, arugula, radishes, cat grass, lemon grass and other vegetables.

“Did Mrs. Cake say when she woul-”

“WE’RE BACK!” Apple Pie bounded through the door, followed by Apple Cake.

“Good, we need you to check on the quiche,” Center Stage turned his attention towards another batch of frying vegetables.

“Did Cinnamon come back yet?” Apple Cake inquired.

“She’s helping them set things up in the barn,” Fantasia motioned outside, “she left the cake here.”

“Things are pretty much finished though,” Center Stage added, “So Cake can go help the others finish up.”

“Got it.”


Some time later
The Barn

The collected assortment of fillies looked around at their work: a table with two chairs was set up in the middle of the room, with a simple white table cloth and candles in the middle. Lace decorated the walls, and the lights remained low.

“I think it came out pretty good,” Idun smiled, “Anypony else have something to say?”

“Shouldn’t the others be done with the food by now?” Scarlet grumbled.


“It’s done!”

Apple Pie and Center Stage pulled a cart ladened with food into the barn.

“Alright, that means Golden Gem and Sparkling Cider should be back soon with Dad and Miss Heartstrings,” Idun blinked, “So hide.”


Big Macintosh and Golden Gem continued back to the Barn, the boutique bag perched atop Big Macintosh’s back.

“You better go join th’ others,” Big Macintosh instructed the filly, “take the bag with you.”

“Alright daddy.”

Gem’s magical aura surrounded the bag and she turned towards the barn.

“Wait,” Big Macintosh stopped her, “Take this with you an’ don’t let th’ others see it.”

Big Macintosh slipped a small box into the bag.

“What is it?”

“That’s a surprise,” Mac chuckled, “Alright, get goin’. Cider an’ Lyra should be here soon.”

The filly shrugged and entered the barn, just as Sparkling Cider and Lyra trotted into view.

“Hello Lyra,” Big Macintosh smiled.

“Hey Mac. So what’s the big emergency?”

“Emergency?” Big Macintosh frowned.

“Yeah, Cider said I was urgently needed,” Lyra motioned towards the filly.

“Well…Let’s go to the barn an’ we’ll talk about it some more,” Big Macintosh motioned towards the structure.

“…Alright?” Lyra’s expression became confused as she started towards the barn.

“Everything ready?” Sparkling Cider whispered to Big Macintosh.

“Looks like it is,” Big Macintosh responded.

The stallion hurried along, catching up to Lyra.

“…You’re up to something,” Lyra accused.

“What ever do ya mean?”

“Well first off, I saw Cinnamon flying home from the Cakes’ with a package. Then I saw Golden Gem leave the boutique,” Lyra shook her head, “Finally, I haven’t seen any of them running around town, causing mischief like the last time they were here, and don’t tell me they’re all not here. It’s been raining chocolate over Carrot Top’s garden again, and Roseluck saw three alicorn fillies fly past the moon last night.”

“…I told’m to say outta sight,” the stallion muttered to himself.

“What was that?”

“I’ll explain everything…” The stallion sighed. He pushed open the barn door, “Just a moment.”

“Good, because I-”

“SURPRISE!” the lights flashed on, as all the fillies and colt shouted. Fireworks and confetti erupted, igniting some of the decorations.

“Oh crap!” Scarlet Tornado and Stratos quickly flew over to the flaming decorations and tossed them to the ground, where Acey and Oaken shield quickly stomped them out.
The four ponies glared at Center Stage, who meekly smiled back.
Big Macintosh brought his hoof to his forehead and sighed.

“This is why I said no fireworks, Stage.”

“Sorry dad.”

Lyra opened her mouth to say something, but instead of questions, the unicorn began to laugh.

“Oh this is adorable,” Lyra finally managed to say, “Let me guess, they wanted to make dinner for us, and you said yes?”


“Well…that’s very thoughtful of them, so let’s get started shall we?”


After Dinner

“I didn’t know Center Stage could cook,” Lyra sighed, “Let alone Neighponese food.”

“Accordin’ to him, Grandma Stagelight owns some fancy restaurant in Neigh Orleans and does a bit o’ everything,” Big Macintosh paused, “We oughta go see if that exist here.”

“If we ever go to Neigh Orleans, you mean,” Lyra corrected him, "and assuming she has one here."

“I reckon it’d be a nice place ta visit.”

“I suppose, But it’s all tourist traps and stuff like that.” Lyra waved the thought away.

“So is Las Pegasus, but you still want ta go there.”

“That’s different,” Lyra countered.

“Well, now that th’ kids ran off ta eat the rest of th’ cake, I can give you your present,” Big Macintosh pulled the bag out from underneath the table.

“You really didn’t have to, Mac.”

“I inis-” Big Macintosh trailed off as he looked in the bag, “…Somethin’s missing.”

“I don’t think Rar-”

“No, somethin’ else,” Big Macintosh cut her off, “I put somethin’ else in here ‘cause I was gonna give it to you.”

“Looking for this daddy?”

Golden Gem trotted into view, levitating the small box with her. Big Macintosh’s expression hardened.

“Dad, we’re not stupid,” Apple Cinnamon trotted out after her, “We all know where you went today.”

“Well, the three of us,” Sparkling Cider followed the pegasus.

“I did too!” Apple Pie announced as she bounced into view.

“…I guess I coulda planned that better,” Big Macintosh sighed.

“We didn’t tell the others,” Apple Cinnamon added, “they can find out later.”

“…Mac, is that what I think it is?” Lyra eyed the box.

“Depends on what you think it is,” the stallion chuckled.

Golden Gem dropped the box in front of Lyra. Big Macintosh smiled as he reached over and opened the box. Lyra’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I think you know what I’m gonna say, but I’ll say it anyw-”

Big Macintosh was cut off as Lyra knocked over the table, and kissed the surprised stallion. After a moment, Big Macintosh returned the kiss, as Lyra wrapped her forelegs around him.

“I take that as a ‘Yes’” Apple Cinnamon grinned as her half siblings cheered.

Author's Note:

And a big thanks to Katherine Kerensky who is once again doing the proofreading.

And a bit of a Helpful guide for those just joining us, or those who don't remember.

Sparkling Cider = Twilight
Apple Pie = Pinkie
Garden Royale = Fluttershy
Scarlet Tornado = Rainbow Dash
Golden Gem = Rarity
Acey Mac = Cheerilee
Center Stage = Trixie
Golden Sweet = Carrot Top
Apple Cinnamon = Spitfire
Carson = Ditzy/Derpy
Novmac = Luna
Apple Jam = Sweetie Belle
Bellona = Discord
Stratos = Cloudchaser
Midnight Bliss = Prince Erebus/63'd Luna
Apple Cake = Cup Cake
Idun = Celestia
Fantasia = Cadance
Oaken Shield = Radiant Shield/63'd Shining Armor
Oscura = Queen Umbra/63'd King Sombra