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This is not the Equestria we are all comfortable with.

It is an Equestria as it could have been. An Equestria which exists during an age of empire. An Equestria ruled by steam and gunpowder, set against familiar foes and alien powers which would unmake reality. Where brave mares, stallions, and peoples not of the pony folk must tame their fears and hold the line.

It is an Equestria as it might have been. An Equestria which exists during an age of exploration. Where steely eyed stallions and mares set forth into frozen tundra, boiling jungles, and fetid swamps just to see what mysteries they contain.

It is an Equestria as it would have been. An Equestria which exist during an age of technology. Where advances in the arcane sciences and natural philosophy promises new wonders and convenience, yet bring forth the risk of social unrest and the toppling of the established order.

It is the Equestria this story is focused on, an Equestria given its own time to shine. It is a strange yet wonderful world, one which is ready to share its secrets.

Original SpaceBattles thread

Cover image is the property of Equestria-Previals. It is used without permission, though the artwork did inspire me to write this.

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Huh. Well. You definitely have my interest. I'm looking forward to more, the changes both big and small. Especially the reason why Celestia doesn't like dwarves.

Also... she shot her. :rainbowhuh:

Well, in the emergency response field we use the five colors of alertness. Celestia's in a condition black: her brain is so overwhelmed with information that she might as well not be there, and her response is defaulting to something instinctual, trained, or repetitive. In this case, repeating the last bit of information she successfully processed over and over again.

Edit: Unless it's my decision this go around to have NMM injure Celestia to get her out of the way that you're commenting on.

No, I just liked the shocked repetition. All those carefully laid machinations, and Nightmare just shoots her. What kind of villain is she?

Because evil does not simply in the hearts of thinking beings,
I quite agree. Evil does not simply what, though?

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