• Published 24th Jun 2013
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Diamond Tiara Likes Dating Sims - Mattricole

Diamond Tiara has always loved Dating Sims, but after playing one into the early morning, she discovers the innate ability to see choices.

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Diamond Tiara Likes Music-Good End

>Sit next to each other on the bed

“Well, Sweetie Belle,” I motion for her as I sit on my bed. “How about we listen to your sweet singing now?”

“Sure, Diamond Tiara,” Sweetie Belle replies cutely as she sits next to me on the bed. Honestly, she is just too cute! The way she just twiddles her hooves together nervously! I could get used to this.

“Ready when you are!”

And with that, Sweetie Belle began singing. It was beautiful, majestic, and above all else very her.

“I’m gonna get my cutie mark!

I’m gonna get my cutie mark!

I’m gonna get my cutie mark with the help of my friends~!”

...The lyrics could use some work, admittedly.

Well, Sweetie Belle that was...interesting!” Boy was it interesting…

“Thanks Diamond Tiara!” Ah! She’s hugging me! This feels great! “I’m so glad you decided to be friends with me!”

...What? I-I’m still...no. No!

“I have a feeling we’re going to be friends for a very long time!”


Good End(?)

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