• Published 24th Jun 2013
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Diamond Tiara Likes Dating Sims - Mattricole

Diamond Tiara has always loved Dating Sims, but after playing one into the early morning, she discovers the innate ability to see choices.

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Bad End?

>Go home and play video games!

Bah, forget it! Why should I have to waste my day off apologizing for nothing, or hanging out with one of those losers!? It would be a complete waste of my valuable time that I could be using spending time on my new video game! And isn't that what life is about? Of course it is, what was the point of even asking? With that in mind, It takes me only a few minutes to get home.

"I'm home!" I yell out, not expecting a response.

"Welcome home Miss Tiara," what the? I look to my left and see one of the maids standing there with a smile, "would you like me to do anything for you?" she asked sweetly, ugh, I swear she's just trying to be annoying.

"No, I don't" I spat out, "I'll be in my room, don't bother me," I tell her as I walk up the stairs.

"Very well Miss Tiara, if you need anything I'll be here," she said as she stood by the steps. I'll just ignore her, not like it matters, I have more important things to take care of. I go into my room and towards my television.

"This is going to be the best game ever," I say to myself as I insert it in my Ponystation 3.

"Miss Tiara," ARGH! What is that stupid maids problem!? How dare she enter MY room without MY permission!? I turn to glare at her stupid smiling face.

"What!?" I yell at her still smiling face. Stupid mare.

"I just thought you would like to have a drink," she says smugly...okay, it wasn't smug, but it still ticked me off! She hands me a glass of...lemonade? Ooh, I love lemonade! I guess she's not so stupid after all.

"Thanks," I said as I take the glass from her. I quickly gulp it down and hand the glass back to her, "okay, now ge...t" why...am I.....so.........sl................

"Goodnight Miss Tiara," scr......ew........................you.

My head...hurts. Why am I so...sleepy? Ugh, I can't...why are my legs tied to the four corners of my...oh crap.

"Good morning Miss Tiara," I turn my head best I can to get a look at the maid.

"W-what do you want from me!?" oh crap this isn't good!

"Oh Miss Tiara," she said with a vicious grin, "don't worry, I won't harm you," you're darn right you won't! When my daddy finds out about this you are so dead!

"Let me go now!" I yell at her, she's the maid she has to do what I say! But that stupid grin of hers doesn't leave.

"It has come to my attention Miss Tiara," she starts caressing my cheek...oh please tell me she's not going to, oh no, "that you have been failing math recently," she's going to...wait what?


"And as your maid, it is my duty to ensure you don't fail," she said with a grin, "so I'm going to educate you," she says as she takes out a book, well that's not so...WAIT WHAT!

"But it's my day off!" how could she do this!? "YOU BETTER LET ME GO NOW!"

"Now let's begin," sh-she's opening the book! "geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures-" NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

You seem to have met with a terrible fate, perhaps if you had made different decisions you would have been saved. Good luck next time.

Author's Note:

By the way, you're not supposed to vote. I'm going to do every route.