• Published 24th Jun 2013
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Diamond Tiara Likes Dating Sims - Mattricole

Diamond Tiara has always loved Dating Sims, but after playing one into the early morning, she discovers the innate ability to see choices.

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Diamond Tiara Likes Building Stadiums-Bad End

>Bop her on the nose.

“So, Diamond, what did ya’ll want to-” with a quick bop on her nose, Apple Bloom quickly back peddled and glared at me. “What in tarnation was that for?!”

“That was for earlier when you didn’t ask for the hammer properly!” If she thinks she can get away scot-free, she has another thing coming! Nopony messes with Diamond Dazzle Tiara and lives to tell the tail!

“Are ya seriously still hung up over that?” Yes! Do you even need to ask?! “Seriously, it’s not even that big a deal!” Yeah, so says- HEY! DON’T PUSH ME LOSER!

“That’s it! You want some of this?!” I quickly push her away, ha! That’s right, snivel like the coward you- what are you doing with that plank of-

“How does that feel Diamond Tiara?!”

“...Diamond Tiara?”



Bad End

Author's Note:

Just a quickie, since the other two are taking so long.

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