• Published 24th Jun 2013
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Diamond Tiara Likes Dating Sims - Mattricole

Diamond Tiara has always loved Dating Sims, but after playing one into the early morning, she discovers the innate ability to see choices.

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Diamond Tiara Likes Building Stadiums-True End

>Hide in the nearby bushes and make out.

“Well, where are we going, Diamond Tiara?” Apple Bloom asks as I lead her towards the bushes.

“Just hurry up, Apple Bloom!” Seriously, you need to lighten up! Looks like nopony’s looking. I quickly jump into the bushes and urge Apple Bloom to do the same.

“What are we doing hiding here?” Oh Apple Bloom, you are so ignorant.

“We’re not hiding, Apple Bloom,” I tell her as I lay on my back. “We’re just gonna have a little bit of fun.”

“F-fun?” Yes, Apple Bloom, fun. As in we’re going to make out. As in we’re going to hold each other lovingly. As in if you don’t get on top of me right now I’m going to get up and make you get on me!

“Come on, Apple Bloom! You know you want to.” And I know it too, if that blush is any indication.

“W-well, ah guess we could have… ‘fun’...but just fer a little bit!” YES! I DID IT! I can barely contain myself as Apple Bloom struts towards me with that adorable blush of hers! She carefully climbs on top of me, leaning down and-

“Apple Bloom! Diamond Tiara! Where are you two?!” OH COME ON!

“That’s mah sister! We gotta go!” No! Don’t leave me!

“Come on, Apple Bloom. She won’t find us!” You should just worry about staying with me! I know for a fact you want to kiss my lips; who doesn’t?

“It doesn’t matter, Diamond Tiara. Mah sister’s calling fer us.” Grr, stupid Applejack! She is going to make a terrible sister-in-law! “Listen, we can make out later… Wow, never knew ah’d ever say that.” Yeah, thinking it over that is kind of a weird thing for you to say.

“Alright, fine!” I throw her off of me and get up. “But you are so buying me a parfait later if you want any of this!” I tell her as I wag my tail in front of her.

“...Ah don’t get it.”

...Note to self: Have Apple Bloom play some eroge, THEN tempt her with sexy tail wagging.

“Whatever, let’s just go!”

“What ah do now?” Apple Bloom whines as she follows me. “Listen, Ah’ll make it up to you, promise.” Hmph. “Come on,” Apple Bloom says as she throws her hoof over my shoulder. “Gimme a smile.” I don’t want to. “Will it make you feel better if ah told you why I like you?”

“I already know why you like me.”

“Really?” Apple Bloom asks with a raised eyebrow. Not as cute as her blush, but still cute. “Alright, ah’ll bite. Why do ah like you?”

“It’s so obvious: it’s because I’m Diamond Dazzle Tiara!” Only fools who have no taste hate Diamond Dazzle Tiara.

“That’s...sure, lets go with that.” Ha! Called it. “Lets just hurry up and find mah sister.” Alright, alright, I get it! You’re embarrassed. Can’t blame you, after all, you have the most beautiful filly in school pining for your affection.

“You know, Apple Bloom,” I whisper as I stop her from leaving the bushes, “I’m sure your sister can wait just a few more seconds.”

“Why does she need to wait for just a few sec-” I cut her off with a quick kiss to her lips. Her tender, sweet lips that taste just like apple jam...though they’re a bit dry I should give her some chap stick. With how dry her lips are, I might accidently cut my lips.

“Apple Bloom, you need to start using chap stick,” I tell her after pulling away.

“Uh...sorry?” That’s right, you better apologize! “Anyways, we done? Or do you want another?” she asks me with a smile. Oh, do you want another kiss?

“Well, I suppose we could…” I whisper as I lean towards Apple Bloom, our lips barely touching, “...find Applejack. She must be worried sick!” I reply as I turned away and leaped out of the bushes.

“...That’s not funny.” I hear Apple Bloom grumble behind me.

“It’s not my fault your sister’s calling. I mean, you’re not going to ignore her, are you?” Well? What will you do, Apple Bloom? Make out with me? Or talk to your sister who’s just going to give you more work? I think the answer is obvious.

“....Get in the bushes.”

Well, I guess that answers that question!

True End

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