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This story is told in the words of Pinkie Pie's father detailing the back story of when she got her cutie mark.

"You know of my daughter, yes? I'm sure you do. She makes herself known to everypony. My little daughter - I love her very much in the same way she loves everyone else. She knows more about others than they do about her. Perhaps her story should be expanded upon in her father's words."

To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter - Euripides

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Comments ( 19 )

Very well done, it is very rare to see a fic shown through the eyes of of Pinkie's father. You did damn good with this.

Well done! This was wonderful. However, I do feel it was odd for him to reference Pinkie as "my daughter" when he also has Inkie and Blinkie,

2635518 Thanks! I'm not going to lie. It does seem odd that he didn't reference his other daughters. It was meant as a special dedication to his daughter away from home (assuming Inkie and Blinkie never left the rock farm). I suppose he could have said "one of my daughters."

At least, he didn't say "my only daughter." :rainbowlaugh:

2635609 That makes sense, I didn't really think of that. (^_^)" Yeah, that might not have worked as well. :rainbowlaugh:

What a sweet tale. Thanks for sharing it!:twilightsmile:

2838520 Thanks for sharing some your time in reading the story!

I liked it. It's always nice to see a fic written from the perspective of Pinkie's father, I think he's a very interesting character.

Well done :pinkiesmile:

2990748 Thanks! Glad you liked it! I find the perspective of Pinkie's father to be quite interesting, too. It seems like a family member's words would best describe a person's (pony's?) character both in truth and raw emotion. Sure, sometimes this is skewed by perception. However, ask any parent about their child (or vice versa) and you'll hear the most fascinating stories in familial bonds. Just imagine what a real farmer would say about his/her child and you'll see what I mean. I think I got carried away with that rambling :twilightsheepish:. Considering the amount of joy Pinkie brings to others could only make her father proud in my opinion.

Alright! Here we go, live commentary time!

-That picture made me have an artgasm.
-No amish jokes? Shame.
-So, Foundation is central to rock farmers.
-Still no amish jokes.

Well, this is an interesting story, and I've contemplated doing one like this before. The writing is a bit weak, but manageable. It felt really surreal (it's either that or the fact that I'm listening to Enya right about now) and immerses the reader in its atmosphere. I do feel you missed something though, and that is the many times the Mane 6 have been congratulated in Canterlot. Now I know you never actually see them, but they're lower class and probably didn't get the best seats.

So all in all, this story was missing some expanding, and some grammar difficulties, but the atmosphere was great and the idea even better.

Verdict: 7.6/10

3502824 Thanks! I agree with the verdict 100% as this one shot could do with expanding. After all, I wrote it approximately in a two-hour time span when I got excited over the idea. The issue with the story with me is that I felt Igneous Rock's personality would be flat and serious making his words lack much humor and entertainment value. It's hard to make an entertaining story with only one serious character. So, I focused on the concept of Foundation pertaining to rock farmers and Pinkie Pie's gift of laughter in simple terms so as to not drag it out and lose the reader's attention. Also, I don't know if it would be true, but I figured Pinkie's father is a stallion of little words.


Well, I've yet to tackle that sequel, since 40,000+ words is a little intimidating, but I will, and I'm sure it'll be the longest comment I've ever made.:pinkiehappy:

3508742 You don't have to do a live commentary :rainbowlaugh:. A :yay: or neigh with a buck this or I like that would suit me just fine. :rainbowlaugh:


But humor is the second best part!


That appears to be one violent poke. Then again it's Pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:

It got a bit too real for me :applecry:

Thank you for writing this.

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