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When Princess Twilight Sparkle finally completes a spell she's been working on, nopony can be certain of the changes it may bring; there's no way she can ignore it. However, the consequences are stronger than she anticipated, and despite thinking Rainbow Dash was the only pony brave enough to witness the results, the turmoil has turned not only Dash's, but another girl's world, upside down.

Cover art by me.

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Fantastic story!! I was anticipated throughout the whole thing! Can't wait to find out what happens! <3

Comment posted by Dashabel deleted May 12th, 2013

2567073 yay thankies :3 xxxxx

Why so many dislikes?

Edit: you should think about shortening your description, sometimes when people see a really long description, they might think its a crap story. plus it doesn't look professional

2567631 Answer: because I'm unlucky like that.

And thanks, I did think about change the AN, they were a little acerbic.

When are you uploading the next chapter?

2589281 err when I feel like it.

Lol, she got hit by a truck

So, are you gonna tell me how I'm gonna get home? C'mon, I'm listening.

This bit of the chapter made everything else after it into italics theirs a [\I] after it


Also I've noticed, everyone that's commented on this story so far has 'Dash' in their name :rainbowlaugh:

I don't have dash in my name:derpytongue2:

Comment posted by ha123 deleted Jul 27th, 2013

When comes next chapter

Comment posted by Dashabel deleted Aug 2nd, 2013

Aawwwhh......oh dashy I feel so bad for her

This is another awesome chapter!

Can't wait till the next chapter

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