• Published 12th May 2013
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Against the Rules - Dashabel

"Two worlds just aren't compatible, Rainbow Dash, it's like a lion and a lamb."

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Chapter 2: New Faces

Continuous, irritating, screaming... A bizarre sound that had drilled it's way through my head since I had become conscious, unless that was just my terrible headache. There were no pauses, changes of tone, or rhythm. Just the same, mournful noise. I was reliving the scene when I first woke up on this world, oblivious as to where I was and who I was. But this time, I knew so clearly who I was, and more importantly, why I was here. Only I had not the strength or will to open my eyes and explore my surroundings. Why should I? I feel like this world has let me down, even though I haven't even spent twenty four hours here yet. Or have I? That, I did not know. Still, what would lie ahead of me if I were to open my eyes once again? I can't stand this feeling of insecurity. Nothing can help me see the light again, nothing will shine like the sun did that first time I awoke. Just pure, pitch black. I don't care if I stay like this for the the rest of my days. I have nothing left to live for. I wish for anything but that rowdy, disorientating ordeal being repeated. I wish for just peace.

I wish I had never agreed to come here.

What the heck - how was I to know I would end up in this dump? All I wanted was to help my friends, to support Twilight in her studies, to remain loyal no matter what. Well, this is what I get. Serves myself right. Where are my friends? My support? I have none. Endless questions flooded in my mind. Surely Twilight didn't intend this for me... No, she can't tell the future, and she most definitely would not want me to start off so bad. As much as I really hated using the word for my own sake, I really needed it: Twilight is gonna rescue me soon. I'm so emotionally and physically drained, I don't know what I want, but I do know that I need rescuing. So I guess that is all I desire. My dreams in the past are no worry to me now, because how am I going to ever achieve them if I'm stuck here? I see no way I can continue life normally, not after what's happened.

I think I'm just going to go back to sleep. Maybe when I wake up, I'll be back home, in Ponyville, where I belong.

"...Allie, sweetie...?" A soft, hopeful voice interrupted my only just sound sleep. Can't they take their conversation somewhere - wait - there's someone else here? Someone who's language I was understanding? The painful tension in my muscles relaxed a little, and for once I noticed that I was lying on a more comfortable surface than the first time I awoke. I was sinking pleasantly into linen sheets, my head placed gently on a plump cushion. For now, I did not register what the voice had said, but I didn't care. I was safe, I was back in Equestria. I knew Twilight would work it out. Yawning, my mouth turned into an appeased smile. Lightly, I began to open my eyes, my eyelashes tickling my lids. The snow white sheets gleamed like crystals, disorientating my vision. I blinked and squinted a few times, before the blurs began to focus.

Oh, no. No, this is not happening. I'm dreaming.

Instantly, I was taken aback as my arm - not my arm, the stupid alien arm belonging to the body I was placed in - draped in front of my face. My eyes bulged in terror and I shot backwards in attempt to escape the unreal limb, only to be met with a stab of pain around my stomach, forcing me to double over in agony. I made a short, hissing breath and wiggled, but the pain increased.

"Honey, are you OK?" The same voice rang, closer to me, thick with concern. Again, I took no notice of what she (I identified the voice as female) said, I don't see how it was important to me. I groaned and hid under the duvet. I didn't want to look up. What if there were more of the aliens? So far, preventing myself from having a heart attack isn't going too well. Tears began to well up in my eyes, but I wiped them away with my other hand, the numb hand that had been squashed under my body for the majority of the time I lay here. It was shaking violently, along with my faltered breath, but a sudden pressure held me still.

"Shhh, you'll be just fine, baby," The female's voice cooed again. I froze - she's getting a bit too friendly for my liking... Why, in the name of Celestia, is she calling me that? I haven't met her, and I don't plan on it! Her hand, I assume, was pressed against my shoulder, the thin duvet acting as the only restriction allowing our skin to contact. She stroked me gently. I was so tense, but her careful hand was surreal, calming every nerve in my body: my shivers died down, and I gulped a sob away. She continued to make shushing noises, but I refused to give in. Though the pain was still unbearable, I could lie through it. I don't get it, why is she being so nice to me? Why is she acting like she knows me so well, addressing me as "baby"? Maybe aliens are just really acceptant and forgiving.

"Is she gonna come round?" A new voice broke the silence. A shrill, naive voice, like a young girl's.

"Of course she will, she's a strong girl, you know that." Replied the mature female. I don't understand. How do they know these things? What if I've been here so long, unconscious, that they've used their alien technology to read my mind...? "Doc said it's a fractured rib. She's lucky - could have been a lot worse considering the size of that bloody lorry..." She mumbled.

"Why is she hiding away? I want to see her." Questioned the girl with a whimper. I sensed another body shuffle closer, rustling the sheets.

"Give her time, Stacy. She's going through a lot right now," Too right I am. "Don't worry, she'll be back to her normal self soon." The female voice whispered. That, I hoped myself, but I could hardly see it in my foggy mind of confusion. These voices were so caring, it was hard to fear them. They cared for me. My life was to become a complete waste of time, crammed with discomfort and unanswerable questions, or I was to be protected, even loved, by these moral creatures. Either way, I was going to have to put up with it until Twilight figured out a way to bring me home.


What if this is home? I gave a submissive, woeful sigh, and much to the little girl's delight, pulled the duvet down to reveal my tear-stained cheek. I did not turn around to face them. I feared they would be built the same way of which I had examined upon my first awakening, but I knew I had to stay cool. They know something I don't, and if I freak out now...

"Allie!" Shrieked the girl, bouncing up to my bedside. "Allie?" She repeated. Allie. So that's what they wanna call me. I wanted so bad to say, "no, my name is Rainbow Dash." but I wasn't even sure if I had the strength to speak at all. I also wasn't sure that I was indeed Rainbow Dash, because I certainly didn't feel like it. I felt the girl's body warmth beside me, and then something she did changed me drastically. She took my hand, my weak hand, loosely in the tiny curves of her smooth palm. The heat from her hand drained me, and refilled me with a feeling of security. I took one deep, fulfilled breath and opened my eyes once again. There she stood.

The most innocent looking creature I had ever seen. Her face, lined with a delicate smile, was so perfectly rounded, her skin a fair ivory but with ravishing rosy cheeks. Framing her face were bunches of golden curls, tied with red ribbons in bows. Her wide eyes were a fantastic sky blue, with hints of white just like the clouds themselves.

"You're crying," She whispered, her own fresh tear rolling down her check. It disheartened me to see such an angelic young child cry. "Does it hurt bad?" She wiped the tear dry with her spare hand. I wanted to reply, but nothing I could say could surely cheer her up. The presences in the room had shrunk to just me and her, as she tried to sniff up her tears. "We're all really worried about you, you know." She added through her snivels. What puzzled me the most was her function to care for my troubles above her own. It's like it was their duty to assure I was safe. Yeah, anypony would do that back in Equestria, but this was different. They had obviously stood by me and waited for me to wake up. Someone they'd never met before. It's rather frightening, yet comforting at the same time. Staring into the girl's glistening eyes, I couldn't keep watching her distress grow.

"Not so much." I finally answered her question with a choke of both shock and mere amusement. My voice! I sound just like myself. Yep, I'm still me - then, why am I here, like this? I focused back at the girl, her face lighting up a little, her smile spreading.

"Good! Daddy will be so pleased! You've no idea how much he's worried about you - he said he'd come visit you this morning but he was waaaay too busy with work and stuff, but mummy said she would bring me to see you, because she said it'd make you feel better and -"

"Why are you doing this for me?" I spat, but softened as soon as I saw the girl frown, disappointed. I was surprised at the tone I had achieved shortly after discovering I still had my voice.

"Because..." She dropped my hand, which she had been gripping so tightly it had turned numb as my other one. She looked away and up across the room to something I could not see. "Mummy...?" Her voice cracked. Trailing away, she went out of my view. I closed my eyes again, sorrowful for the poor girl's discourage.

"Honey, it's fine, she's just a little disorientated." I could here the older female say under muffled cries. "I tell you what, we'll leave your sister to clear her head, and we'll visit again tomorrow." The door swung a few times before shutting. Then, silence again.

My brain stopped. Nothing else filtered except that word: sister. That's it. This is a dream. I keep telling myself that Twilight's gonna bring me back, but when, in the name of Celestia, is she actually going to? Heck, I'm gonna need a mental examination when I get back from this place.

For the last time, I shut my eyes tight, letting my thoughts drift back to Ponyville. I saw my friend's faces. But they couldn't see me. Wha... They were worried for me? Fluttershy is crying... Rarity is handing her a hankerchief. Applejack... I don't see Applejack's face hidden under her hat. How I wished to be with them... But all I could do was lie here, lie here until sleep swept me up again.

Hey, Rainbow Dash! Quit wallowing in self pity and listen to me would you!

Twilight?! I jumped put of my skin.

About time! I've been trying to get to you for days! I wish you'd let me in sooner... Twilight's voice rang in my head.

Wha - how - where are you? The image of a flustered Twilight formed in my head.

I'm in your dream. It wasn't easy to get here, though, and I don't have much time.

If you can get inside my head, why can't you bring me home? I fumed.

Dash, it's not that easy. Now, will you please listen to me?

Wait, days, you say? I've been out for days and you've only just got to me?

I told you, it wasn't easy. I have to tell you something very important—

More important than bringing me home?

Shush! This determines your future, Rainbow Dash, and if—

YOU determine my future. Twilight, you're the one who can do all the magic!

Rainbow Dash! Zip it! Yes, I do magic. Yes, I'm sorry for sending you here. Yes, you'll be home soon, but if you don't shut up and listen, you won't be. She cleared her throat. Rainbow Dash, you're still on Earth, you're just in a parallel world. You've been transformed into a human, a two-legged, two-armed naked animal that speaks the same language as us and has extremely high intelligence as a whole. But you've not just been transformed into one: you've been placed in the body of your parallel world self, Allie Tundrell, a human with near identical traits and personality to you.

What? Twilight, what does this mean? Tell me how to get home? I was eager to get on with things. Yes, learning about a new species was interesting, but it's not like I was gonna need it!

I haven't finished! Allie Tundrell, however, is here, in Ponyville, in your body. She woke up, the same way as you did, having no idea where, who or what she was. Must've been a shock... She muttered under her breath. Anyway, just like you, the only difference is your hair colours - you have your rainbow mane and Allie's kept her bright blonde hair. Don't worry, Allie is asleep now. Suffered a really bad injury on her arrival here... Luckily she's pretty much come to terms with the fact that -

Pfft, why would I worry about Allie? I sneered in my mind. More importantly, why would you? Don't you care about what I'm going through right now?

Rainbow! I saw Twilight's impatient frown. You and her are more alike than you think. You must have landed roughly, that's why she's got it so bad this end.

Twilight, I've fractured a frickin' rib, apparently! My anger started to boil.

I know, I know... She acknowledged.

So, are you gonna tell me how I'm gonna get home? C'mon, I'm listening.

... I don't know how to say this, but... She hesitated, I dreaded the next sentence she would speak. You won't be coming home for a while. And I'm really sorry about that. The counter spell I've been working on - trying to work on - is harder than anything I've ever tried before. It's linked with another planet, Rainbow. Extra-terrestrial magic can be extremely dangerous. I guess... I guess the first time I asked you to help me with the spell, I wasn't thinking. This is my fault, I accept that, but for now, this is your home. It has to be. Don't worry, I'll still be able to talk to you in your dreams, since I'm getting better at this spell. But bringing you back... I can't explain or imagine how difficult it will be. So... You'll just have to put up with it, I'm afraid. I-it's not so bad, you might get to like it on there... Her voice was becoming more of a stutter, and I could tell she was on the brink of tears.

It's OK. I reassured her. As much as I doubted I could live happily here, Twilight had given me the apology she owed. More than that. If only I could prove it wasn't all her fault.

It is my fault. She interrupted my reverie. Is she reading my mind? Yes, I can read your mind whilst using this spell. But, don't think there's anything you could have done, because this was entirely my idea. I-it's just unfortunate that it turned out your problem as well as mine... She sniffed.

Twilight, I'm sorry...

There's nothing for you to be sorry for. I told you, it's me who's to blame for this mess.

C'mon, it was a mistake. Mistakes happen. From what you've told me, everything's gonna be just fine. Nopony's more reassuring than you when it comes to problems.
Thanks... Twilight weeped, but I visualised a weak, thankful smile on her face. After a few moments silence, I decided to break it.

Soo... Got any books about living as a human?

Twilight chuckled. No, but I could ask Allie. She's awake now. I heard the muffled thuds of her hooves get quieter as she left. Suddenly I felt so alone in my dark head, empty of thoughts, and longed for Twilight to be back soon. Minutes passed, however, and she did not return. I started to fret - what if the spell has worn off? I considered aborting my wait and falling into a real sleep, but I wanted to stay as far away as possible from waking up to those distraught faces of the humans again.

Twilight? I called, searching every corner of my imagination, but she seemed to have gone completely. Then, an abrupt call shattered the silence yet again. I was relieved of Twilight's return - until I noticed the frightful tone of her shout. It was beginning to fade away: whistling above it was a high whir of magic. The spell was ending. I called her name again, hearing her struggle to raise her voice above the noise.

She said - Twilight attempted for a first time, but failed to surpass the bellowing wind. She said - She tried again, unaware that I could hear her. I don't think she would be able to receive my reply now, even if I found the guts to. The noise was a deafening shriek by now, giving me an awful headache. I felt myself cringing at the unpleasant commotion. I knew she had gone. The uproar began to die down immediately, but I no longer felt the need to sleep soundly, after Twilight had failed to deliver her answer. Concentrating, I slammed an invisible door, blocking out the remaining noise, and snapped my eyes open.

For a split second, Twilight's last words echoed in my head. Look in her diary. That must have been what "she said".

Author's Note:

This chapter was soo hard to write, sorry it took a long time! Yes, I'm aware that most of you would class where the ponies live as Earth - so would I - but for now, we've got Equestria, and then we've got Earth. Don't over think it.