• Published 12th May 2013
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Against the Rules - Dashabel

"Two worlds just aren't compatible, Rainbow Dash, it's like a lion and a lamb."

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Chapter 3: New Family

The first noise I had heard was enlightening: a wildly joyful chirp of a bird who's song had brought the coming of dawn. In the hours of darkness, pain and boredom, the birds voice filled me with a hope that not all was lost. Gradually, I flickered open my eyes, which were blinded by the early morning light. I waited for the enthralled voices of the humans to bombard me with more questions, but the room seemed to be empty. The occurrence that I had dreaded the first time I had come to Earth returned to me: I was very, very alone. This time, however, I was not scared. Twilight had assured me there was nothing to worry about. Despite her absence, I felt secure, still wrapped up in the heated sheets.

Time to wake up, properly.

Letting out a groan, I pushed myself up with my hands to pivot my body into a more comfortable sit. My weak fingers were shaking as I hauled my weight on them. Shivers shot down my back as the covers slid off the bed - I must have stirred quite a bit in my sleep, for the duvet was crumpled and completely out of place. Once again, I ran my index finger over my sculpted face, still flummoxed at my complexion. Over my nose (and I must admit in my nostrils), my delicate eyelids and ticking lashes; I pressed and tugged at my soft, plump lips. Lips were the strangest thing, so far. As a pony, they weren't such a problem, but here, they were rather obtruding and off putting. My nose, on the other hand, was a minor relief: I could see further in front of me than I could with that great muzzle. Oh, but I knew I would come to miss that muzzle... Anyhow, since my encounter with Twilight, I had promised myself not to sulk on those small doubts. I felt the need to stretch my arms high above my head, my bedraggled hair brushing my bare skin as I did so; suddenly I felt more awake. I felt ready for anything that could possibly stand in my way of the day ahead.

Placing one deadened foot in the floor (I wore the same multicoloured trainers), I let it rest there till I sensed the ground beneath it. I heaved my other leg beside it, and taking a deep breath, I pushed off with my hands. A short wave of dizziness knocked me slightly aside, and I found myself grabbing the closest object to me - the bedside table - to maintain my balance. After recovering from my lightheadedness, I was fully alert. Scanning the room for the first time, I noticed the incredible dullness of it. White-grey walls with mouldy green curtains that only let the streak of morning light through. In the corner was a single glass door, of which the closed blinds also concealed the outside. I was, however, determined to explore the room further. Limping towards the shut curtains, I reached out and touched the fabric with the tips of my fingers. As it swayed from the contact, I tightened my grip on the curtain and began to pull it back, squinting my eyes to shield them from the rays of light that poured in. Then, the whole room was illuminated with dancing light through the swaying trees outside. I was enchanted. I stood, mesmerised by the alluring light. I don't know how long I stood there, but my musing was disrupted when the unexpected bash of the door opening sent me evading across the room; my unsteady legs kept me stumbling backwards until I crashed into the bedstead. I grabbed the bed with one hand and my throbbing thigh with the other, but quickly returned my glance to the source of the opening door: a human dressed in a long white robe was holding a clipboard and peering down at me through her glasses with an amused expression.

"Good morning," She said with a slight snicker. "How are you feeling today?" All I could do was stand and stare, still clinging to the bed for support. My eyes were bulging in terror, and I gulped uneasily. "Oh, my, you're still not quite with it, are you? Bless..." She trailed off, and began fumbling in the drawers beside the bed. Before I could register what she had said properly, she had pulled out some documents and began to speak again. "Anyway, it's good news, my dear. Your doctor has confirmed you well enough to go home today. Doesn't that sound better?" She asked with a sweet smile. A great disappointment came over me - as much as I hoped for "home" to be back in Ponyville, I doubted that was what she meant. My only conclusion was that I was going back to Allie's home. Allie's family, Allie's life. Twilight had failed to provide me with human life instructions, but I was pretty sure I could work it out myself. However, I was still genuinely worried - I'd be a right numbskull if I hadn't noticed the odd reactions of my fellow humans whenever I said something strange or completely blanked them. I considered making conversation with the woman, but I was hesitant to say anything, for I knew I would most likely mess up my words in my current state. "Is there anything I can get you? Breakfast, perhaps?" Added the woman after letting me get my head round things. It didn't take long for that word to register. Instantly, my stomach growled ferociously at the thought of food - there was no way I was rejecting it.

"Breakfast... Would be nice." I murmured, my mouth dry and voice raspier than ever. I added a weak smile to make me seem a little less rude and demanding, but I was taken aback by her kindness.

"Of course." She replied.

She hurried out the room, and within five minutes she returned with a tray full. With a pleased smile, she waited patiently for me to get comfortable on the bed before carefully handing me the tray, aiding me all the way until it was safely on my lap. Then she stepped back, allowing me to eat. I looked down at the food. I recognised a large, crumbling pain au chocolat, a bowl of oats and a shiny, delicious Red Gala apple. There were also tiny jars of jam and butter, and a glass of fresh orange juice. This... This seemed like heaven. Not only had I not eaten anything since my arrival here, but I don't even remember having such a magnificent breakfast in Ponyville! Despite my rumbling stomach, I could only sit and stare in awe at the food. I had forgot that the woman was still standing there, watching over me.

"Oh, sorry! How rude of me!" She giggled. "I'll leave you to it." And she turned to leave before I had a chance to protest (I had began to like her company). Just as I was about to dig into the cereal, the lady added, "Just call my name - Victoria - if you need anything else." and with that, she departed. Victoria... Nice name, I thought. Sounded like a princess. My daydream was interrupted by an angry grumble and a wave of hunger, so without further ado, I dived into the food. I would have complained at the typical hospital food blandness, but right now, I never wanted the indulgence to end. In less than a few minutes, I had wolfed down every single crumb or drop of the meal.

Feeling full and refreshed, I placed the empty tray on the bedside table, and settled back a little. My eyes fluttered shut as I dozed, but I refused to fall asleep, as I did not want to be interrupted so violently again. I knew the rest of my "family" would come to rouse me, excitable to take me home, so I tried various things to occupy my mind. I hummed songs that me and my friends had sung back in Equestria; I flicked the light switch on and off, feeling my fingers tire to the new use; I tapped the wall, even creating my own rhythms, but boredom overtook and I bashed the wall with my knuckles after some time.

"Whatever are you doing?!" Came a perplexed call from a voice I recognised. I drew back my arms quickly and sat up, giving Victoria a sheepish grin. "No worries, I know how you feel." She granted. "You must be terribly bored... " I watched her closely as she roved about the room, barely able to see around a tall pile of clean sheets she was carrying. As she placed them in a drawer, she took a step back, scratched her head and peered into thin air, in thought for a second. "Ah yes," Victoria suddenly started again. "I knew there was something else. Your parents are here to discharge you, so if you'd like to follow me?" She offered me her hand with a broad smile on her face. I blinked up at her, feeling like a naive child, but took her hand nonetheless - I noted that I was still weak, despite feeling better, as Victoria pulled me to my feet with little effort. Step by step, Victoria guided me across the room, and finally, out. I was overcome with a thirst for knowledge of the place beyond the walls. Led down a long, echoing corridor, I felt rueful for prying at other hospital rooms, other humans... But I was so big-eyed and curious of the new environment, I could not ignore my surroundings. Victoria was almost dragging me as I scuffed down the corridor, completely absorbed in a daydream. I forced an apologetic smile, but she only smiled warmly back and, to my surprise, let my hand drop to my side, trusting me to follow her. Well, I wasn't planning on going elsewhere! I hurried after her until we came to the end and through double doors, into, what I guessed was the reception area. Sitting on a round, purple sofa was a woman and a man I had not seen before, but I recognised a slight similarity in their faces to the little girls' who appeared yesterday. It made sense to believe that these were her parents, therefore, they were Allie's - mine - too. Instantly, the woman rose to her feet and came towards me, embracing me in a motherly hug.

"Oh, darling! I'm so glad you're OK now! How are you feeling? Do you want anything?" She bombarded me with questions. I could only rigidly stand there with an awkward expression, but I felt ashamed for doing so. I was going to have to do a better job than this to keep myself - and the rest of the family - sane. "You must be awfully tired of this place... Well, you're coming home now!" She was avid, planting numerous kisses on my face. When she pulled away, I beamed and looked her in the eyes, her own pools of hazel shimmered before releasing a single tear. It rolled slowly down her cheek and over her simpered lips; my heart felt her sorrow and longed to comfort her. My eyes unfocused, a little teary, but I didn't want to let myself get too attached and wrapped up in human emotions yet. I just continued to force my smile, which, for now, made her happy. Victoria had waved her goodbyes to me by now and shuffled away, and the man got to his feet.

"Alright, let's take you home, kiddo," He said warmly, and took my hand. The woman took my other, and together we walked out of the hospital reception. I glanced over my shoulder, glad to leave that place behind. I was, however, extremely cautious about where I was to go next. We took it slowly across a large space full of those monstrous metal automobiles (I had learned to accept their use on Earth, despite it's almost killing me), whilst the pair assured that I trod carefully, supporting my weight all the way. When we got to a bold, bulky metallic black one, the man stopped and took some clinking keys from his pocket; he pressed a button and the machine flashed in response. Twilight never told me that humans used magic... Huh, she didn't have to - I could see why they would choose it, it's pretty cool - seemed like all kinds of humans could conjure it.

I hadn't realised that the couple had released me as I stood there gawping at the vehicle; I hobbled hurriedly as soon as I noticed them both staring at me with confusion. The man heaved the metal door open with an enormous clunk and directed me in. Trying not to show my extremely nervous expression, I faced down and climbed awkwardly onto a surprisingly soft, cushioned seat. With great force, he then slammed it shut, making me flinch slightly. I sat, unaware of the next action. Were we to teleport? Or to speed to our destination?

"Click in," Chirped the woman, turning to face me with a reassuring smile.

"Huh?" I asked, puzzled.

"... Put your seatbelt on..." She whispered, and then reached out to point at my left side: "Just there, sweetie..." This time, she looked forceful of her smile when turned back to the front and wiped her eyes with her sleeve ("Got a tissue?" She had asked the man.). Following the woman's orders, I searched on my left to discover an odd shape attached to a stiff belt that extended right across me; it tucked quickly and perfectly into a red pocket with a click on my right. I guessed it was some kind of safety belt - however, that cautioned me of the bumpy ride that lay ahead. Suddenly, a great roar broke out, frightening the living daylight out of me. For a second it rattled violently, then swept into a smooth departure, rolling gently along the road with very little discomfort. I was baffled at this new invention (thought Equestria might do well with them) and exhausted after all of today's weird experiences of different emotions, but right now, all I could focus on was the outside as it zoomed past us in a blur - an outside that I had never seen before.

Author's Note:

Phew! Took a while to write. Hope you like it.

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