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CANCELLED FOR FORSEEABLE FUTURE: Explanation likely to be provided in the comment section at some point. Unless I start a rewrite, this will not be updated. Frankly, this story is terrible, and it particularly starts terrible. Don't read it.

After being exiled from all of Equestria for a crime of conscience, and with all memory of her erased, Twilight attempts to force herself back into the public eye, and expose the truth about Celestia's noble goals...

With only her name, and the research in her head, she must get back to Equestria, restore balance, or die trying. Oh, and she has Discord, I guess.

Will likely undergo rewrites of the first three chapters at some point in the future.

Originally an entry into the Exiled Contest, but due to a lack of time, I had not been able to meet deadlines.

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The world is full of life, full of light. Yet all life must end, all light has shadows. The world is a place of contrast. These exist naturally, and cannot be stopped. Yet there are those who embrace the shadows, who hate the light. There are those who have abandoned life, and made death their mission.

In the world of peace that Aurus Marz, new king of the changeling nation, seeks to create, these creatures have no place. Yet they cannot be easily stopped. The darkness that rebels against the light of his vision of a bright future will prove a strong adversary.

When assassins come again for the young king and his many ambassadors, it will fall to one of their own to rise against them, and bring them to justice.

This is the legitimate direct sequel to Visionary.

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Hundreds of people know of the tragedies that are known as Five Nights at Freddy's lore. From the killing of an innocent child looking into a diner from the outside, to the infamous 'Bite of '87' where an animatronic took a bite out of a human brain at a birthday party, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has become a living hell hole for nightwatchmen and adults alike. This place has become a prison for many souls, all of whom are hellbent on revenge.

But what happens when the spirits of the victims, whose souls resided in the animatronics, are brought to Equestria to begin new lives in the forms of animals?

They will have to cope, but how will they do it? Can they let go of the past years, full of misery and the undying want for revenge, or will their pasts come back to haunt them in the form of a monster? Will they be able to "S-A-V-E T-H-E-M" from Him?

Rated Teen for gore and occasional cussing... maybe references to more sexual themes, but no real banging.

Warning: Hardcore Shipping May Occur:raritystarry:

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