• Published 1st Mar 2014
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Memories of the Forgotten - NonDescript

After being exiled from all of Equestria for a crime of conscience, and with all memory of her erased, Twilight attempts to force herself back into the public eye, and expose the truth about Celestia's noble goals...

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Chapter 1

You tried to control me...

You tried to bend me to your will...

All I wanted was control....

All I wanted was freedom...

It all happened so fast...

By the time I could slow down and breath...

It was far too late...

So now, all I want...

Is for Equestria to remember...

Rain, oh how I missed you.

It's interesting really. If it wasn't for the things that have lead me here today, I probably would have continued to take a lot of things for granted. Controllable weather being just one of the many. I always tried to remain humble, always make the most of things, and never put myself above others. You may think you don't take things for granted, but you can only truly realize what you have, until it's all gone.

I trotted out from my makeshift home, and let the coolness wrap around me, like a blanket. A really cold blanket. A cold wet blanket. You know what, I'm in the rain, who cares about blankets comparisons.

I used to hate the rain, you know? How it was always dark, gloomy, and forcing you to stay in doors, hiding away the sun, that would signal the life that the day breathes. Now however, it's a sign of hope, that I can truly survive out here. This barren wasteland, that surrounds me on all sides. Constant unbearable heat, and no food, beyond the occasional dead shrub. Water? Few and far between. There's a reason I was sent here. It just screams inhospitable.

Where is here, exactly? I honestly have no clue. I could be all the way on the other side of the planet, for all I know. I could be anywhere, except for there.

Celestia dammit, there's no way I'm going to survive, there's no way I'm going to ever be back home. I'm never going to see my friends ever again. I'm never going to see Ponyville ever again. I'm never going to see my fam-

No, you got to keep it together...

Using all my strength to calm myself down, and cursing myself for using her name again, I continue to take in the rain, as it likely won't last long. It's relaxing, you know? Being able to just stand there, let my coat soak in the much needed dampness, and just forget everything....

"My most faithful student, I apologize for taking you away from your friends, but I have a test for you, of utmost importance." Celestia spoke, with a presence, that truly was a sight to behold. She stood, with such regality and confidence, that it was hard to remember, that she's just a regular pony inside.

Of course, I knew first hand what she was like, having been practically raised by her. All those times I had seen her, she always held a smile, that spoke of pride, and love. It became my life goal to make sure I could always see that smile. As such, I did what any sensible pony would do.

I followed blindly.

"What is it Princess? Do you need me to lock Discord in stone again? I knew he might cause some trouble. Or do you need me to read some books? Are you wanting to test me on my magic skills? I've been trying to practice, and I've just been so busy lately, what with all my friends lately, the whole Discord reformation thing, and a whole lot of different things, and I just haven't been able to find the time, to keep as up to date as I usually do, and I'm so sorry Princess, I know I should be better, I should be trying harder, I'm so sorry, I-"

I was stopped by the Princess putting a hoof over my mouth, with an amused grin. "Twilight, you of all ponies should know that your friends are more important than any magic assignment, or test I could ever give you. But what I am about to ask of you will most certainly be close."

My cheeks flushed pink at my outburst, but I continued the conversation. "What is it, Princess? What do you need me to do?"

"I'm sorry, but it is of utmost importance that you'll do what I ask of on your own." She turned away, smiling, an eerily sadistic grin.

"I know you are ready for this, and I assure you, everything is going to be, just fine"

I shook myself from the memory, dizzy from the unexpected flashback. How long had I been standing here? The rain had long since stopped, but my coat was still slightly damp. Squinting around the now dark landscape, I easily found the light from my current living area. Well, that would be a bit generous. More like a hole in the ground.

My track of time had been completely thrown out when I arrived here. I tend to lose myself in the passing of the days, not quite aware of everything around me. I quickly made my way over to my little safe haven. I don't want to try my luck with whatever might be out there. I prefer to stay alive, thank you. No book has ever documented anything about these kinds of places. Why would they need to? No one in their right mind would come out here, yet alone write a book on it.

Oh how I miss my books. Not like that's my priority. Staying alive is by far much better, than the alternative. But I wish I could just lie down, and read one of my many books, just like the old days...

I exited from the throne room, to see Spike waiting eagerly. "That was quick! What was that about?"

I quickly levitated him on to my back. "Come. Spike! The Princess has given me a new test!"

He sighed. "Are we going to have to sing again?" Spike said, with exaggerated distaste.

I giggled at that. "No Spike, we're not going to sing this time."

"Well, whatever it is, I'm starving, can it wait for after lunch?"

"Spike! This is a test, directly from the Princess! We need to get started immediately!" I explained, definitively.

"Ughh, fine, whatever." Spike responded in resignation.

I, uh, what? I shook myself from my stupor, as I woke up. The night still held strong, but I was dreading what would come if I were to fall asleep again. I didn't want things to return. I just wanted everything to end.


I turned my head around, facing behind me, as I heard the ghostly voice. My face grew pale, as my heart rate increased. I was on the edge of my hooves, listening out for more voices.

"How could you, Twilight!?

My head twist involuntarily towards the sound. Was I finally losing it? Had I finally managed to break, after everything?

"This isn't the Twilight I thought I knew!


"Please, stop this!"

No... please...

The screams surrounded me on all sides, I could feel the sheer hatred and emotion, swarming around my head, pushing and pulling at my mind. I collapsed under my own weight, unable to support myself, with the struggle my brain went through.

"Twilight Sparkle, you have failed me!" It wasn't my fault... "You shall answer for your crimes!"

And like that, I was out like a light again.

I looked around at my surroundings. Ponies, as far as the eye could see, all piled up to witness, what would potentially be put down in history. I remember when I stood on these exact stairs, next to my big brother, watching him as he married the love of his life.

Invasion and all, those were much better times.

Now, I stood looking at a face that held no emotion, except unadulterated fury. Princess Celestia towered over me. But I didn't fall under her gaze, as I held strong.

"Twilight Sparkle, former student at the School for Gifted Unicorns, my personal protege, and Element of Magic. The court has found you guilty of all crimes." Celestia said, with no remorse in her appearance. "You have been sentenced to exile from Equestria. Starting from tomorrow, you will not be allowed in Equestria's borders, as per a special magic spell."

Exile? That doesn't seem to bad, considering the alternatives.

"As well," Oh no... "any and all records of your existence shall be erased. It will be as though you never existed, Twilight Sparkle".

They couldn't do that, could they? Lots of people knew me, it's not like they can just up and forget me. I resisted the urge to scream in her face at the ridiculousness of all this.

"Please, make the most out of your little time left here. By morning, you will be escorted out of Equestria's borders, to the badlands, where you will be released".

No. You can't just get rid of me! Have I been nothing to you this whole time? Do you even have, one little bit of a soul left in you, you heartless monster!

The full force of everything hit me. My friends, my family, everyone I'd ever known. They're just going to forget about me. No one will ever even know I existed.

I wanted to be put in history books. I wanted to be able to invent new spells, to become famous on my own accord, and to show the world who I am. Twilight Sparkle.

And now? I'll never even get the chance.

I fell on the ground. The crowd slowly made their way out of the hall, as I wept uncontrollably. Not one pony took any notice of me.

It was all over.


Why did everything have to come to this? Why couldn't I have just had life easy? I didn't want any of this to happen. No one in their right mind could ever wish this on their self.

The sun.

Did I ever say how I got my cutie mark? I first got my inspiration for learning magic, from watching Celestia raise the sun. I used to adore that she could do that. The magic, the raw power I experienced. I was filled with awe. As such, whenever I could see the sun, I always knew I would be safe, and that I could be something, as I grew in my own magic.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy the night. The night has it's own peace and tranquility, that the day could never capture.

The heat.

It is really hot here. Then again, this is called the Bad Lands for a reason. I might just die from the extreme heat, yet alone starvation or thirst.

So thirsty.

I need to find water, and water soon. As soon as I could get that, I could continue, and I could survive. But first I would need to get up.

Raising up from my small hidey hole, I peeked out along the horizon, looking for anything noteworthy.

Today would be a long day.