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Don't read this, it was the first time I'd ever done any manner of writing. Its good for a badfic reading though; it's peak 2013 bad HIE.

Equestria, a land with a mysterious past surrounded by powerful forces. Enter Damon Flame, a 19 year old living on his own trying to get by in life after escaping his home five years ago. He was just starting to regain some semblance of control over his life and was beginning to accept some of the scars his past left on his mind. Things are finally looking up but his healing is interrupted by life kicking him in the teeth, stealing a couple organs, and dragging him to some freaky place. At least it had the courtesy to leave him in the ICU.

*Authors note*
Tell me what you like and hate about this. I'm completely open to constructive criticism.
Rewrites of the chapters are currently in progress.
Also thanks to Total Eclipse for letting me bounce ideas off of him.

Chapters (7)

Rarity's started a family of her own.
Twilight's busy doing all her princess duties... and Spike?
He has nothing. At least not yet.

Applejack and Caramel have been engaged for almost two months now, and things have been going downhill. A psycho murderer is on the loose and many fillies and colts have gone into hiding.
After a huge mishap, Applejack might finally find the light in her life...
But it's too late.

With help from my best friend jetman24

This story came to me in a dream.
Rated Dark for a slight murder description, not much.
Rated Teen for some dark scenes and death.
Applespike not Carajack (Although I ship it)
I haven't written much Applejack so there you go.

Chapters (3)

Scoots has a crush on the new boy in her class, but she's never had a crush before....what's happening to her?! Well atleast she's got her friends to help her through this mess...well after they stop teasing and laughing.

Chapters (6)

Christopher goes through depression. Thinks about killing himself, and wonders.

Is life worth it?

Is it ever worth anything to do in life? Chris thinks over this and gets completely heart-broken and sad about how no one will ever be able to help him out of his shell.

Till he met a pony who cared. Who cared enough to tell him that life IS worth it. Hopefully.

(Up-lifting, thoughts of killing self, and very heart-breaking and heart-warming. Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:)

Chapters (1)

Granny Smith insists that Applejack has to go to the dentist.

But she doesn't have to like it.

At all.

Reviewed by Seattle's Angels on March 16th, 2015.

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